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Smash Your Way to Fun with Disney Playmation Gamma Gear

Who hasn’t wanted to be a member of the Avengers? Now kids can get in on all the action, excitement, and teamwork with Playmation powered by Disney. It immerses you in game play through interactive tech, mobile devices, and good ol’ fashioned running and jumping. The all inclusive toy/game came out in October with the next phase arriving in stores now and boy, is it angry. But trust me, you will like it when it’s angry.

Disney sent me the Incredible Hulk-inspired Playmation Marvel Avengers Gamma Gear and I recruited two kids to gear up and try out all the fun for themselves. Players young and not-so-young can release their frustrations as they put on Hulk fists and smash their way through missions as the Green Goliath himself.

The Gamma Gear set includes a Power Activator for game play alongside a special Loki Smart Figure. Thankfully the God of Mischief doesn’t look so tough at 6-inches high. (No promises, obviously, but I think you can take him.) It never gets old when you start up the game and hear JARVIS’ voice come online. His calm demeanor will easily guide you through all your tasks.

Once you have the Hulk-hands on you can’t help but feel like smashing. The powerful devices allow you to punch, slam, and even Thunder Clap! All the power of one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…but with minimal damage. You’re welcome, parents.

playmation hulk punch-11192015

The best part about this new starter pack is that if you or a friend already own Avengers Gear, you can sync the two devices for multi-player and immediately start missions together. Double the recruits means double the action!

My kid test-subjects loved taking on villains as Iron Man and Hulk and they definitely worked up a sweat doing it. Punching, jumping and—of course—smashing, they completed their missions as a team with confidence and the satisfaction of a super-heroic job well done.

Additional accessories include the Playmation robotic villain Prowler Bot—sure to drive your pets mad—and free for download is the, which gives you access to Avengers Labs HQ to register your gear, download new missions, upgrade, and receive news about new adventures. Do any of those adventures involve shawarma? Once can only hope.

Playmation Marvel Avengers Gamma Gear Starter Pack goes on sale November 20—just in time for the holidays.

Will you be suiting up with Playmation? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter to show us your best Playmation Marvel Avengers moves!

Disclosure: Disney provided this product for review without compensation, all opinions are my own.

Images: Jenn Fujikawa


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