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SIRENS is the Best Comedy You Haven’t Seen Yet

Television’s a vast landscape full of some great pieces of work – especially in the realm of comedy. Throughout 2014, we’ve tracked down as many sitcoms as possible in order to point you towards some new additions you might find yourself intrigued by, such as Enlisted, You’re The Worst and Broad City. However, there’s one new entry we’ve neglected to mention this year, and that changes today as we would like to take a moment to tell you about one of the funniest, most sincere and driven comedies currently airing: Sirens.

For those unaware, Sirens is an American adaptation of the identically titled British series that follows Johnny, Hank, and Brian, three Chicago based EMTs who love to wise crack and rib one another when not doing their very important job — saving lives. Hailing from the minds of co-creators Denis Leary and Bob Fisher, the program features much of the crass humor one would expect from the mastermind of Rescue Me. But, what the show also features is a big heaping dose of heart.

We’re guessing your first question is, “why haven’t I heard of this?” Here’s the thing: Sirens is a show that currently exists under the radar. It’s not out to make a statement or push a cause. It’s not a show out to screw with form or pretend it’s something it’s not. It’s merely a show that just wants to play, which is why it may have been mostly passed over this year. It’s so rare, these days, to see a television comedy that isn’t trying to swim in the pool of social grandstanding and pretension. But that’s exactly what Sirens is, a series that just wants to do one thing: make you laugh.

Have a look at the above clip, for example. There’s nothing about this scene that’s playing with form, breaking social norms or trying to send a message… but it’s f*****g funny. Like, really funny. It’s a simple joy to watch the small escalation that takes place in the minute and a half of the clip, in which the boys walk into a patient’s office to clear his search history and leave scarred for life. It’s a masterful piece of writing and editing, but it goes unnoticed by the masses because it’s not trying to do anything more than that. Yes, we love when our media goes deep, but there are times we also just need a good chuckle.

Now, of course you might be saying, “but there are shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League that also offer tons of laughs without wading too far into the commentary pool.” This is true, but they also dive heavily into the creative ocean that is cynicism… but not Sirens. It may be crass, dirty and at times offensive, but never is the USA comedy cynical. In the end, these three guys – as while as their families and colleagues – are a tight nit group that respects one another in ways we could only imagine, and they have an outlook on life that’s rarely seen these days, an outlook that says, “Hey, maybe the world doesn’t suck as much as we think it does.”

If there’s any underlying message to Sirens, it’s this: if these guys – people who accidentally stumble on mentally scarring pornography, roll up on bleeding victims of gunshots willingly, and get thrown up on – can still find things in this world to smile about, maybe we can too. It’s easy to be cynical about the world as it is today, but finding that one spec of joy to hold on to, that’s difficult. There are few things harder in this life than displaying true earnestness without coming off as insulting, but Sirens found a way, and that’s what makes it one of the best new comedies of 2014.

Sirens returns for its second season January 27, 2015 at 10/9c on USA.



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  1. Timmytoby says:

    Not only one of the funniest shows around, but also one of the most inclusive. A gay guy in a comedy who is not just a stupid stereotype? An asexual woman who is not just “very special episode”-material? Great show, just awesome.

  2. Teeejer says:

    Such a good show!  Funny writing and cast.