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Sir Ian McKellen, Lea Thompson, FRIENDS Co-Creator Marta Kauffman: The Week In Podcasts

It’s time once again to recap the week that was at the Nerdist Podcast Network, and this is what was:

Sir Ian McKellen talked to Chris on the Nerdist Podcast, and after a late start and some talk about the awkward nature of promoting movies with interviews, the discussion covered playing Sherlock Holmes (in the new Mr. Holmes), the responsibility to use your gifts for good, and the drawbacks of “selfie culture.”

We had another hostful Nerdist Podcast, on which the guys talk about Comic Con, going to Disneyland in the rain, and Finland, where Matt vacationed. And if you follow Chris on Instagram, you know he spent some time with Lydia at Hearst Castle, much of which involved Chris being in and around pools. They talk about that, too.

Friday’s Nerdist Podcast is/will be (at this writing, not sure when it’s going to post) features Lea Thompson, who, of course, talks about being Marty McFly’s mom, dogs (prompted by Katie’s dog Scout being in the studio), celebrity bathroom encounters, Lea’s movie career (from Howard the Duck to Some Kind of Wonderful), acting, and the iconic role she DIDN’T get. But as to the question you’re undoubtedly asking: Yes, as I mentioned, there’s plenty about Back to the Future. You will not be disappointed.

Marta Kauffman, she of Friends and many other shows including the current Grace and Frankie, talked at the ATX festival about writing and creating one of television’s landmark sitcoms and the process of running shows, and the result was a great edition of the Nerdist Writers Panel. On a bonus Nerdist Writers Panel, we got this year’s TV writers’ panel from Wondercon.

Comedian Mike Lawrence joined Kevin and Steve on Chewin’ It, and it was a total Nerd Culture experience, from Comic Con talk to deep dives into superhero talk, reboots, and how Hall H got its name. Plus, various Spider-Men.

Janet finally brought a guy she’s mentioned from time to time onto The JV Club, her very first boyfriend Barrett Kime, and through him, we got to know Janet’s past in a much clearer way. Also, we found out how they broke up, with Barrett volunteering more information than you might have wanted to know.

Wanna know more about Kumail’s upcoming appearance on The X-Files? You got that in the Intro Kids segment of this week’s The Indoor Kids, which also features Matt McCarthy and plenty of wrestling talk.

Pete Holmes went down to San Diego for Comic Con, and, of course, he hosted one of his multi-guest You Made It Weird live shows. This one featured our own Emily Gordon, plus Blake Anderson, Natasha Leggero and Armen Weitzman, The usual hilarity and deep thoughts resulted.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour brought us a Very Special Episode with the show’s San Diego Comic Con panel and part of a Q&A at the show’s Wellington, New Zealand panel, plus more Bucatino Business ads, because why not.

Adventure-seeker Jason Dundas told Razzle all sorts of facts about Australia on Today We Learned.

Alison Rosen, who visited Chewin’ It last week, is now Tom’s personal training client, and she came on Pro You to talk about it.

The latest Legacy Music Hour Mixtape remixed the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, and your Sega Genesis feelings came flooding back.

And Jess and Bowser returned from San Diego for more tales of the weird on Bizarre States.

Some kind of wonderful, it was. Go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage, and subscribe to all of our podcasts, why don’t you? And check in at the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page, too. “Like” it, even. Because we love you.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Roadside Attractions

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