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Sin City Could be Transformed Into the Red Planet With “Mars World” Attraction

A manned mission to Mars will be exciting, costly, and fraught with danger. But so is a weekend in Vegas, which is why it makes sense as the perfect location for an authentic Red Planet theme park. reported that a group is looking to raise two billion dollars over the next two years to construct a totally immersive Mars experience that will be located close to the Las Vegas strip. The park will be primarily aimed at the over 21 crowd (though it would have some kid’s features). 2021 is the targeted opening for “Mars World,” though it’s unlikely to ever raise the money. So far the group has raised just 0.025% of their goal. But hey, maybe they’ll get lucky.

So what does an immersive Mars experience entail exactly? The report says:

Visitors will be treated to the music, costumes and culture of a Mars colony where they will take simulated ‘Marswalks’ in one-fourth Earth gravity, ride a tram around the crater in which the city is built and even sleep overnight in rough habitats if they wish.

Fortunately there is no mention of having to eat poop potatoes.

This is not merely some Las Vegas faux recreation either. The plan’s chief designer John Spencer, founder of the Space Tourism Society, says the park isn’t about creating science fiction, but “science future.” He’s uniquely qualified for the job too, with a resume that includes having worked on the International Space Station, NASA‘s underwater Aquarius  lab, Japan’s Space World theme park, the Science Fiction Museum, and even the now defunct Star Trek: The Experience that was also located in Las Vegas.

Amazingly the current plan is to make the park free (as a consumer I’m not hopeful about that idea lasting) and to make money through merchandising. You can read more about the entire plan at their site, where you can see even more photos of the park’s design.

Would you go to Mars World? What would you be most excited to do there? Travel to our comments section to let us know.


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