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Sideshow’s New EVIL DEAD 2 Ash Action Figure Is All Kinds of Groovy

Sideshow Collectibles has focused so much recently on premium statues and importing Hot Toys figures that we sometimes forget that when they choose to do 12-inch figures, they can totally kill it. Kill it dead, you might say. EVIL Dead. So in light of the revived Ash vs. Evil Dead currently bloodying up your TV, they’ve decided to take a new pass at nearly everybody’s favorite incarnation of the hapless, handless hero with a chin – the Evil Dead 2 version.


Unlike the gloriously low-budget thrills of the movie, this fully poseable toy has spared no expense, featuring a new body with double-jointed chainsaw arm, and plenty of dirt and blood deco. And just like the actual character, the figure has interchangeable hands:

– Shotgun grip
– Relaxed hand
– C-grip
– Fist

While we wait for some full-sized Deadites for him to battle, they’ve even included a few bits and pieces of other foes. Like Henrietta’s head…


…and if you order directly from Sideshow, an exclusive severed possessed hand.


At the full price of $240, this Ash might have your account balance might be dead by dawn…if not for the fact that Sideshow also offers a payment plan, so you can chop the bill into as many pieces as Ash’s last possessed girlfriend, or the plates smashed over his head by that hand.

Klaatu, barada, NEEDTHIS!


You just know Bruce Campbell misses those abs. Now he – and we – can own them forEVAH!

Are you ready to welcome young Ash back into your life in plastic form? Or do you feel like being a primitive screwhead and standing in his way? Tell us below in comments if you’re ready for this much awesome king to hail on your toy shelf.

Images: Sideshow Toys

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