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Sideshow Toys’ New STAR WARS Jabba Figure Lets You Customize the Hutt

Star Wars fans know that when it comes to jolly fat types who say “ho ho ho,” you’re not necessarily about to encounter the beneficence of good ol’ Santa Claus, but you could be about to meet a Rancor through a trap door. Shattering all stereotypes about big-bellied fellows being jolly, Jabba the Hutt sits where he wants and does what he wants. And what this one wants is to be part of your collection…for a price.

This isn’t the first time Sideshow has made a Jabba, but it is the most detailed and least frustrating: a previous iteration required you to buy Jabba, then buy the throne, and then buy a creature and accessory pack to decorate the throne. The thinking, perhaps, was to make cheaper, no-frills options available, but nowadays we know that collectors have no issue with high-priced items if the detail and quality is there. And this one comes loaded.

Multiple eyes and mouths. Interchangeable arms. An extra head for Salacious Crumb. Nine pillows. Three drink cups and a plate of food that look like they were left there by random passers-by who couldn’t find the sink or the trash (in their defense, we bet you can’t point out a sink or trash can in Jabba’s throne room either). Non-removable amphibian swimming in the hookah, and a separate amphibian that fits into one of the Hutt hands.

And did you know Jabba has a tattoo? It doesn’t usually appear on toy versions, but there it is. This figure is so nicely detailed that as toys go, you might call it a perfect ten. A ten Hutt!

Preorder Jabba now and he’ll be available by the time Saint Nick comes to call. The bounty on this crimelord is $795, but that can be broken up into monthly payments. Just don’t pull a Han Solo and run off on your cargo.

Can you make room for this space slug in your life? Tell us in comments.

Images: Sideshow

Star Wars and Sideshow are quite the pair.

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