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SHERLOCK Teaser and More TV News from Comic-Con

Who here attended San Diego Comic-Con? I know all of those who did are probably too exhausted to raise your hands, so just blink twice if you were part of the madness. If you weren’t there, I hope you didn’t suffer too much FOMO because Nerdist has been posting all the news. To that end, I’m going to catch you up on some of the television happenings. Keep reading TV-Cap to get a tease for season four of Sherlock, to find out which Doctor will guest on Family Guy, to get some Luke Cage scoop, and more.

Get Ready to Gasp. BBC brought a tease for the much-anticipated fourth season of Sherlock to SDCC. It’s surprising to say the least and somewhat heavy on the spoilers. Someone is going to die, and we have no idea who it’s going to be. Share your theories with us in the comments. [Nerdist]

Good-bye, Mystic Falls. It’s time to say farewell to the beloved vampiric siblings the Salvatores. Damon and Stefan’s story will end with the next season of The Vampire Diaries. The eighth season sees everyone still reeling from the loss of Elena and figuring out how to move on–though maybe Elena will return for one more good-bye. [TVLine]

It Never Gets Easy. The 100 is a series about survival. Stakes are high on The CW series, and the characters are constantly fighting a new, dangerous menace. That’s not going to change in the upcoming fourth season. Series creator Jason Rothenberg says the Earth is going to strike back. Oohh… Get all the news fit to print from The 100 panel at SDCC with Samantha’s report here at Nerdist.

A Different Look. Mystery Science Theater 3000, a.k.a. MST3K, offered a fresh perspective on beloved films, and new episodes will be coming. Yes, it’s happening. The entire original cast will return for a fresh and shiny batch of episodes to air on Netflix. Is this a good application of “hashtag winning”? [Nerdist]

Driving In. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is gaining a new face in season four: Robbie Reyes, a.k.a. Ghost Rider. They dropped the news at SDCC and showed off Reyes’ fancy muscle car. He’ll be played by Gabriel Luna. [Nerdist]

Super Strong Showing. With so much television happening, it’s hard to keep track of what’s being released when. So, in case you’ve forgotten, Luke Cage is coming to Netflix on September 30. Marvel and Netflix dropped a teaser at SDCC, and we broke it down backwards and forwards on Nerdist News because that’s what we’re here for. [Nerdist]

A Partying Occasion. Raise a bag of oats, BoJack Horseman fans, because more episodes of the hard-hitting, off-color cartoon are coming to Netflix. It’s been renewed for a fourth season. [Nerdist]

Allons-y, Animation! The Tenth Doctor is coming back in a way Doctor Who fans might not expect. David Tennant will reprise the voice part of his role in an upcoming installment of Fox’s Family Guy. It will be a brief cameo, but it’s better than no cameo at all, right? Right. [Radio Times, Image: Fox]

Laughing Clones. Orphan Black isn’t a show packed with a laugh a minute, so it’s sort of refreshing to know the the cast has a good time. They showed off a blooper reel for season four at SDCC, and it’s a delight to see Tatiana Maslany losing it as about every one of the clones. This woman is an absolute gift. [Nerdist]

Time to Explore. It’s a terrific world because Bryan Fuller is helming a new Star Trek series: Star Trek Discovery. The next bold step into the franchise will launch on CBS All Access this fall, and we received a look at some of the CG testing for the newest ship in the fleet, the U.S.S. Discovery at Comic-Con. I approve of this engineering. [Nerdist]

Next Undead Steps. AMC brought news about walkers and survivors to Comic-Con. The Walking Dead is heading towards season seven, and Fear the Walking Dead is looking ahead at the end of its second season. You can check out promos for both series just above. [Nerdist]

Get a Taste. If you read TV-Cap regularly (and I hope you do), you probably know that I’m incredibly excited for Starz’s adaptation of American Gods. This first look at the series has done nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. The hype is real, folks. Are you pumped? [Nerdist]

Which news out of SDCC has you the most excited? Head to the comments and tell me about the trailers you’ve watched on repeat, your favorite moments, all of it!

Featured Image: BBC

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