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SHERLOCK Coloring Book Might Confirm a Certain Fan Theory


A recently released coloring book based on the show Sherlock has stirred up support for a rather popular fan theory. All of Series 3, Sherlock hinted at a dark and violent past of Dr. Watson’s wife, Mary Morstan. Many fans believe this dark past to be one in which Mary, as a gender-swapped version of a classic Holmes character named Sebastian Moran, was an assassin working for Sherlock’s arch nemesis, Moriarty. Now, thanks to a little detective game the coloring book offers people to play, there is another connection between the two. The connection was detailed in a Tumblr post by ladymacphisto.

In her post, ladymacphisto showed that the detective game inside the coloring book includes finding objects from the show hidden in pictures and refers to them as “clues to the crime.”


One of the objects to find is Mary’s wedding ring.


The wedding ring is located on the page that depicts the public pool where Holmes and Watson had a stand-off with Moriarty. This stand off included snipers outside of the building with guns trained on the detectives.

coloringbook3-11082015 coloringbook4-11082015

[Images: LadyMacPhisto]

For a long while, fans assumed one of those snipers was Sebastian Moran, but as the theory about Mary became popular, many believed Mary was outside the pool that night instead. Now, to have an item of Mary’s connected to the scene at the pool is just another piece fans can use to back up the claim that Mary was, and maybe still is, the Moran stand-in.

Do you think this Sherlock coloring book is admissible evidence in a case against Mary Morstan? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured Image – BBC via PBS

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