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She-Ra, Metroid Join Lists of Rainfall Fan Film Voting

Last week, we brought you word that Rainfall Fantasy Filmmaking needed help deciding what their next fan film project would be. Well, after you all submitted your favorites, they’ve narrowed the list down to five finalists.

Now they’re asking fans to vote on which of the five properties will be the next project to go into production in a collaboration with Nerdist. From the Rainfall voting page:

“This is it! Over the past two weeks, we’ve received hundreds of terrific suggestions for what should be our next live-action short film adaptation.

After careful deliberation, we have narrowed them down to a Top Five; the decisions were based on entry count, originality, and how passionately people made their case. They had to be interesting, exciting subjects that would challenge us to make a worthy short. If yours wasn’t chosen, don’t worry — we will be doing this again!

It is also our pleasure to announce that this will be our first full collaboration with Nerdist! We’re excited to have them on board for this new adventure. Now, without further ado…”

Black Panther
Final Fantasy VI
Red Sonja

Now, look, I’m not gonna try to sway the voting here (Metroid), but some of these characters will probably never get a proper live-action treatment from their rights holders (Metroid, cough cough) and what better way to see something like, say, Metroid in action than by supporting your favorite bug-killing bounty hunter in the finalist voting.

Seriously, though, show your favorite character(s) some love and hurry – as soon as voting ends, Rainall is going directly into production.

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  1. SRX-388 says:

    A Metroid film could work if they avoid the to- over-stylized action that plagues a lot of recent action/sci-fi, and focus more on Metroid’s themes of isolation, wanderlust, and no culture to call her own.
    The special effects of a very distant future with extremely advanced (but not magically flashy) technology could be easily made practical or digital.
    The X Samus would make for a damn good movie villain, but Ridley and the pirates are her nemesis, so they would HAVE to be in them.