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Frenulum, aka, The Clittiest Part of the Man-Clit

Teaching sex skills to shy Americans can be challenging, and blowjob skills are no exception. This past week we broke a record. Over 100 curious people showed up to hear what tune my cohort and I had to hum on the subject.

To encourage a meeting of minds (and genitals) I like to play a little game called “Match Those Bits!”

Whaaa? But what do clitorides have to do with…

Silence, you! Girl parts and boy parts are way similar! So similar, in fact, that all sorts of parallels can be made in their erotic experience. My favorite example is how to play with the scrotal sac. It’s the same tissue that makes up the inner lady-labia. Tug on that! Thus the male member’s samurai helmet is an enlarged version of your mom’s love button, complete with more concentrated nerve endings, it’s own version of a foreskin, and a shaft!

As for the friendly frenulum, he lives on the underside of the penile crown. He’s an itty-bitty sliver of skin, really.

But oh how itty-bitty he is not! The frenulum truly is the “clittiest part of the man-clit.” As the head of Knobsville, he is the uber-sensitive key to Castle O, the most celebrated citizen in the kingdom of Fellatia. He really gives us givers a hand.

His purpose? To connect the foreskin to the head of the penis in intact individuals.

His secret? As I like to tell my students, “if your man is taking an hour, focus your resources here” as I wax-on/wax-off at the top of our over-sized (or is it?) cartoon tool with ninja-like prowess.

So why do I bring up this clitcentric frenulum world-view? Because unlike popular belief, some men take a bit longer to “complete the launch codes,” even with the most ravenous beauty at their trousers. I write to bring light to a truly special place on the human landscape. I give you, The Frenulum.


Who is this chick!?

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  1. sjuhfdus says:


  2. Selena Gomez says:

    Me and Justin had sex and wew had it a cuple of times+

  3. Xero says:

    Urogenital Frenulum is the name of my Hard and Phirm cover band.

  4. Urogenital. Great word!

  5. andoran_g33k says:

    This article makes me think of the development of human urogenital systems. NERDNESS!!!!

  6. Wha? says:

    What’s going on?

  7. Test says:


  8. Ben Wipperman says:

    @Dan – What you say? He doesn’t? Oh man, my girlfriend is in trouble when she gets home.

  9. Dan says:

    I like the idea that a lot of people didn’t bother to read who wrote this and now think Chris gives blowjob lessons.

  10. Rick says:

    Very entertaining reading…and the comments are too~!

  11. RickL says:

    I always confuse the frenulum with the infundibulum…

  12. docjolly says:

    Also occurs to me that ‘Frenulum’ would be a very good name for a Tool album.

  13. docjolly says:

    BFF. Best friend’s frenulum.

  14. Gowda says:

    Stop posting drunk.

  15. Sandra Daugherty says:

    @(S)A – Mostly people want to do it more and more! Sexy waterproof blankets solve the whole bedsheets issue, which is the most common complaint. In terms of “shame” as you’ve eluded, I say stand up and be proud. You are the envy of all the land. But I will put it on the list ;o)

  16. (Shamefully) Anonymous says:

    Some of us might have questions about female ejaculation. How to do it, how to STOP doing it, how to stop doing it too soon. You know….things like that……..

  17. Chris Hardwick says:

    OMG iheartguts! Are you guys going to make a plush frenulum???

  18. iheartguts says:

    let’s be best frenulums forever, chris.

  19. Bastien says:

    Helps to give it a little tickle if you’re having a bit of trouble going to the bathroom as well. Just fyi ;p

  20. Caroline – thanks! If anyone wants juicy tidbits on any particular topic, I’d love the feedback. Mike – Yes, there are several frenula. I call it THE frenulum because in the bedroom, it’s the only one that matters ;o) (well, technically there’s one other, but that’s for another post)

  21. Caroline says:

    You’re a great writer! I would like to point out right quick that, many of the people on Nerdist are lady lovers (of either gender) and would love tips on…you know….lady loving.

  22. Mike says:

    I had mine pierced for about 6 years and recently removed it. Felt AWESOME while it was in, and when I removed it, it healed up quickly. The actual piercing didn’t hurt either-felt just like a pinch and it was over immediately. Getting used to it being in was interesting, but after a while you forget its there.

  23. Christian says:

    I tore my frenulum once by not being very careful in my zippering. It took over 3 months to heal. Didn’t hurt much, except when directly contacted, so no contact was made of my privates during that time. My doctor wasn’t much help, as all he told me to just keep it clean and be careful with it.

  24. Davin says:

    The illustration is so clever it hurts. Bravo!

  25. beth says:

    In perfect Nerdist fashion, I felt totally uncomfortable reading this…

  26. Mike says:

    I think it’s more like “a frenulum” than “the frenulum.” There’s another one in your body. It’s in your mouth. And not just when you’re giving a bj. It’s the little flap of tissue under your tongue.

  27. Joe Bua says:

    Clicked over from Twitter just to make sure I knew where my frenulum was.

    And yes, it’s still there.