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Episode 75: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex, Tech & Tequila

Sex Nerd Sandra #75: Sex, Tech & Tequila

MIND-READING HEADBANDS, VIBRATING MICE, & REAL DOLLS! Guest co-host, comedy writer and illustrator Jenny Fine joins Sandra in an accidentally alcoholic CES roundup! TOPICS: Dicks in our Faces, Calling All Fan Art, IUD Update, Cell Phone Vibrators, Nerd Boy Worship, Mad Men, 3D Sex Toy Printers, Mattress Gossip, Sex and Advertising, Speculums, the Hands-Free Mauz, and more tangents than you can shake a dongle at!

Jenny Fine (@jfineoriginal) is an L.A. based illustrator, storyboard artist and comedy writer. Her artwork can be seen in Adult Swim shows NTSF:SD:SUV:: and Newsreaders; at Dan Harmon’s (creator of NBC’s Community) podcast website and merchandise; all over the Nerdist website; in event posters at the NerdMelt Showroom inside Meltdown Comics; and much more. She also co-created, wrote, was production designer, and starred in the Nerdist YouTube Channel web series NerdTerns. Originally from the Midwest, Jenny made her first foray into the L.A. comedy scene with a starring role in the viral YouTube video (4 million views and counting) Madeon Pop Culture (Dance Video). In her free time, she likes to contribute to her autobiographical webcomic, Vignettes, and go salsa dancing.


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A Definitive Ranking of All the Candy from WILLY WONKA

A Definitive Ranking of All the Candy from WILLY WONKA

The Subtle Triumph of Furiosa’s Prosthetic Arm

The Subtle Triumph of Furiosa’s Prosthetic Arm

Sneak A Peek At The Monsters From The Jack Black GOOSEBUMPS Movie!

Sneak A Peek At The Monsters From The Jack Black GOOSEBUMPS Movie!



  1. forrest says:

    Free idea: Kinect + Muse Headband + Gaming context during sex = Sexual data gathering tool awesomeness; possible awesome sexual teaching tools via gaming.

    Like Mavis Beacon for sex.

  2. Michelle says:

    I heart Jenny Fine’s shirt in the pic – holla at Bleeding Heart Bakery on Belmont in Chicago! deeeeeeelish.

  3. Chase says:

    Sandra, I think this is what you’re looking for.:

  4. Dek Selegna says:

    Please fix the metadata on these last few episodes. Who is Monika Siauw?

  5. Todd Mason says:

    It is always a bit odd and interesting to see (or hear) where someone’s discomfort level kicks in…and how they handle that discomfort.

  6. Wildride says:

    Game premise: Horny Birds?

    Oh, wait — Somebody already did that:


  7. Wildride says:

    Skit premise: A 50s style bed advertisement focusing on what’s most important: How well you and your spouse can sleep on it while still each keeping one foot on the floor.

  8. Niles says:

    The x360 has Xbox Live Arcade games with options for the vibrating controller functions.. where you can have it on steady, random, more/less intense and such.. Rumble Massage and Shiatsu Massage..

    I’m a dude who has made a few homemade anal toys for myself out of household things, and a way to get around the sharp edges and sharp edges (like plastic seams) is to coat it in a liquid plastic like they use for hand tools. I wonder if something 3D-printed could be dipped in something like that (or if some sex toy manufacturer could produce a thick, specifically sex-safe, dip-coating substance, to prevent the weird edges and seams from touching directly.

    I looked up that “Muse” product by InteraXon, and one of the little games they were playing in the video (00:36 of the indiegogo video) was actually the subject of a Star Trek The Next Generation episode (season 5, ep 6, “the game”) where most all of the ship became hopelessly addicted (in a really dangerous way) and the ship’s android crew member who was unaffected had to find a solution =P