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Episode 38: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Nerd Science!

Sex Nerd Sandra #38: Sex Nerd Science!

MARRIAGE ALGORITHMS! NECK ORGASM! SEXUAL LITERACY! Chock full of sex facts, Sandra is back from 4 days in sex science heaven, sharing TONS of newfound knowledge with Dave! Then Dr. Christopher White talks Sexual Literacy and Training. Topics: Quad S Conference Recap, Sex Nerd Census, Manly Erogenous Zones, Clit History, Vaginal Orgasm Myths, Gynophile vs Androphile. Also, Holistic Sexual Health, Misleading Research Titles, Barebacking, Sex for Pleasure, plus Drugs, Alcohol and the “Eff it” line.
Dr. Christopher White is a professional, gay man who lives in San Francisco, CA, with his husband, their two dogs, and a cat.  Over the past twenty five years or so, he has held a variety of positions including adjunct professor, ice cream manufacturer, real estate agent, curriculum specialist, entrepreneur/small business owner, and, most recently, the director of education and training with a national sexuality organization.
Dr. White believes  that sexual health and well being is a basic human right and that all humans deserve to live sexually happy lives that are free of shame, guilt, and oppression. In his work, he strives to educate about and advocate for sexual health promotion that empowers individuals, families, and communities to determine what being sexually healthy means for them and to gain access to the resources, services, and information that will allow them to achieve it.
Chris is currently looking for a job – full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent, consulting. He wants you all to know that he is an awesome person to work with, so you should hire him and/or send any job leads you may have.  His email address is [email protected] and you can learn more about him and his work at

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Watch This Guy Break Open Some Cattails



  1. Kate says:

    This was my first Sex Nerd podcast, and I loved it!

    Can you link to Christopher White’s twitter? My google fu is failing me.

    Also, I’m sure you know this but I was thinking it really hard when you were talking about the Gottman stuff. My last job was at a relationship counselling place and they LOOOOOVEEEDD the Gottman institute. The thing they really focussed on was that, as you said, any form of conflict can be ok. The differentiating factor is whether there is positive contact within it. So, even if you’re yelling, if you’re making jokes and smiling it can be far more constructive than conflict resolution where someone is rolling their eyes. The other one that hits home for me is that disgust is the absolute death knell – if one person is disgusted with the other, they’ve written them off and it’s hard to come back from that. My parent’s relationship was like that and it’s a habit I’ve worked hard to unlearn – respect is everything, in every relationship!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed my first listen, looking forward to exploring your archives… if you know what I mean…

  2. movingjpegs says:

    There are two Bloomingtons! IL OR IN?

  3. Scott Beckett says:

    “Oh….WHAT!? My dick!”

  4. SmokeSerpent says:

    I find it somewhat sexist of you to immediately assume that straight men saying they don’t find non-genital stimulation erogenous on the survey means they are being either disingenuous or somehow aren’t “open”. As a “straight male” I’m pretty well sick and tired of hearing from supposedly sex-positive people that somehow if I don’t enjoy being spanked, the feeling of prostate stimulation, a light touch on my inner elbow *queasy shudder*, or having my nipples sucked I am some sort of idiot caveman who has never explored any of that.

    How about, instead of assuming I never tried it and am afraid of it, for once assuming that I did try it and didn’t find it pleasurable?

    That being said, I enjoy the podcast, though I do much more enjoy the conversational podcasts than the one-on-ones we’ve been getting lately.

  5. Pat says:

    This looks great, can’t wait !