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Seth Meyers Watched GAME OF THRONES with a Live Leslie Jones Commentary

There is no way Lorne Michaels owns a dragon.

He definitely owns multiple dragons.

That’s really the only quibble we have with Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones‘s commentary from when the two sat down to watch Game of Thrones‘ “Battle of the Bastards” together for Meyers Late Night. Meyers decided to watch his favorite show with the SNL and Ghostbusters star because he said he loves reading Jones live tweet it every week.

Getting her to do it in person for him did not disappoint, because as you’d imagine Jones had a lot of opinions about everything, including the management skills of Tyrion, the lack of intimidation from slave masters wearing “house coats,” the missing…ahem…members of the Unsullied, the awesome power of dragons, Ramsay Bolton’s everything, and what she would do if a muddy Jon Snow showed up at her door. (She’d invite him into her home—but not into her bed because she has nice sheets. The floor would suffice).

However, the highlight was Jones giving voice to everyone’s frustration with Rickon Stark not understanding the simplest of evasion techniques. “You need to zig zag mother f***er!” Yes! serpentine! SERPENTINE! It was like watching a medieval version of Prometheus.

Personally, I watch Game of Thrones in complete silence. No one is allowed to talk, ask questions, or request that I pause it so they can go to the bathroom (that really did cause a problem this season). But I’d do a rewatch with commentary of Leslie Jones explaining things to Seth Meyers for every episode.

I mean, I really would like to know what she thinks of the Dorne storyline.

What was your favorite observation from Jones? We want to hear your commentary below.

Featured Image: NBC

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