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“Set List” Coming to the Nerdist Channel

You may be familiar with the concept of Set List, the live stand-up show in which a comedian is on stage and has to create jokes on the spot with zero preparation about topics being flashed on a screen. The show, co-created by Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad, has been a hit in several locations worldwide, including a regular spot at NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on the last Saturday of each month as well as the second Friday of each month across town at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood. There’s a TV version on ABC2 in Australia and another coming to Sky Atlantic in the U.K., and the live version is touring this year in Austria, London, Australia, Dublin, and at the Just For Laughs festivals in Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal.

Why am I telling you this now? Well, Set List: Stand-up Without A Net is coming to the Nerdist Channel under a 20-episode deal with producers Paul Provenza, Troy Conrad, and Barbara Romen, with the first episodes coming in May. And on Saturday, March 30th, two headliner-studded shows hosted by Paul will be taped for the new video version at NerdMelt Showroom. The scheduled comics for the 7 pm show include Drew Carey, Eddie Pepitone, Hampton Yount, Moshe Kasher, Rory Scovel, The Sklar Brothers, and Cameron Esposito. The 9 pm show will have Jon Daly, Joey Diaz, TJ Miller, Fortune Feimster, Rick Overton, Johnny Pemberton, Dan Telfer, and Reggie Watts. Oh, yes, you’ll want to be there for this one. Both, even. (Use a Snagglepuss voice in your head when you read that) And you can: Tickets are $8 in advance. Click here for the 7 pm show and click here for the 9 pm show.

From the official press release:

Co-producer Paul Provenza: “We’ve had so much demand for people to see the show in all these countries where we tour the show, and we’re proud to join The Nerdist Channel in bringing the show worldwide.”

Troy Conrad: “The Nerdist Channel is the right online home for this show; its fans crave real and meaningful comedy, and we’re excited to bring great comedy created in the moment to its 375,000 subscribers.”

Head Nerd Chris Hardwick adds: “I saw the show in London in 2011 and was absolutely blown away. In 2012 I got to do it and the rush was incredible — Set List is the most elegant synthesis of stand-up and improv. I am VERY excited that we’re making it for the Nerdist Channel.”

Yes. So, come out and see the tapings on March 30th at NerdMelt, and watch for the show… hey, why not subscribe to the Nerdist Channel now so you know precisely when Set List arrives? Yeah, do that.

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  1. Coley says:

    I’ve seen Set List a dozen times, I love Nerdist… my worlds are colliding in the best way!!!

  2. John says:

    Sounds like the beautiful baby of stand-up and improv. Excited I’ll be able to watch it!

  3. erik2690 says:

    Awesome. Looking forward to it. Thanks all involved.