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See What THE MAGICIANS are Up to Next in This Supertease (EXCLUSIVE)

You may be asking yourself right now: how in the heck does Nerdist already have this amazing look at the last 3 episodes of Syfy’s The Magicians that debuted exclusively at their WonderCon panel just moments ago already up on the site?! Well, friends, in a word: magic. Also because we really like you and we want to make you happy!

After being given a key to Fillory and named one of its queens while moderating the panel, our own Alicia Lutes (hey! That’s me writing this post right now! whatta TWIST!) was able to score exclusively disseminating the magical madcap madness that remains. And when we say it’s nuts, we mean it and you should really listen to us because it says a lot, considering the source material.


So what’s heading our way? Well, a quick trip to the Underworld, the search for Julia’s Shade, a meeting with a big ol’ dragon with a distaste for fuckin’ millennials, Candis Cayne playing the queen of Fillory’s fairy contingency, a diva-off between said Fairy Queen and Margo (yesssss), the return of Niffin Alice, and SO.MUCH.MORE. (Seriously—we’ve already seen the last three episodes and you’re NOT going to want to miss them.) You’re going to love the last three episodes—almost as much as Eliot loves his polyamorous marriage.


Are you looking forward to the end of The Magicians‘ sophomore season? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image and GIFs: Syfy

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of Nerdist, creator/co-host of Fangirling! and frequent over-user of Twitter.

And if you want more Magicians chatter, check out our interview with the cast:

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