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See the GAME OF THRONES Cast React to the Purple Wedding

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, “The Lion and The Rose.”

The conclusion of Sunday’s foray into Westeros was satisfying to fans, and also to other characters living in the same world as Joffrey Baratheon. Even if Jack Gleeson was adored by his fellow cast members, not many of them loved the character, and they were more than okay with seeing him go. In a reaction video to the Purple Wedding from Sky Atlantic, four actors from the series don’t seem too heartbroken.

Rory McCann (the Hound), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger), and Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) tell it like it is. McCann perhaps puts it best by saying, “He was such a little bully.” Cunningham points out it means his king, Stannis, is one step closer to the Iron Throne. Hear what they have to say:

Are you still cheering over the death of Joffrey? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Vanity Fair

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  1. Mac says:

    I think GRRM does indeed have bad feelings towards weddings! It might be mentioned on his blog, or something? (But good feelings towards happy relationships, which is why he finally married his wife after a very very long partnership. Nobody died and everybody looked cute.)

  2. The North Remembers says:

    I was hoping Nymeria (Arya’s Direwolf) would have come back and killed him, he deserved to die violently and by the hand (or paw) of the North!

  3. The True King says:

    R.I.P. King Joffrey, your hilarious sceens will be missed. His death was very satisfying, not as satisfying as Rob the King of the Norths death but satisfying none the less.

  4. I hate to admit it but I was cheering. Jack Gleeson is a wonderful young actor and I wish him luck in his further endeavors in life. I read he is going to retire from acting for the academic life and I will miss hating him as the dastardly King Joffrey.

  5. marc says:

    JG was amazing, I hated joffrey with a passion. That being said, LH’s role as cersei is evil, twisted and full of hate/revenge. I shall easily transfer all my passions of dislike to herself.

  6. Leda Jones says:

    I was so glad to see him go, now for his Mother….idios!

  7. Becky Kraton says:

    Someone needs to revive King Joffrey! and let the games continue!!

  8. DracoAngel says:

    I have been anticipating his death since they started showing teasers of Season 2. Being a reader of the books I knew it was coming, but it was still satisfying to watch. I was cheering…. And then Tyrion was grabbed. A sweet glorious moment ruined by Cersei. Dang witch.

    @Spoiler: If you’re going to try and spoil the story, at least get your facts right

  9. roger says:

    i am disappointed, i wanted to see his head on spike

  10. Paul says:

    I was hoping he would die by Arya sticking Needle through his head.

  11. Kathy says:

    Weddings should be memorable and so far two of them will be remembered for a long time. Does Martin (the author) have something against marriage?

  12. Ross says:

    It was a little disconcerting; I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but watching him humiliate his uncle, I actually said out loud to the screen, “Oh, somebody _please_ kill this horrid little s**t soon…” And thirty seconds later, he starts turning purple.

  13. pam says:

    I continue to wonder about Margary … she is so sweet she is out there.

  14. Jan says:

    We all cheered as Jofrey choked and spluttered to death….now poor Tyrion is going to be blamed for the killing and wicked mother of Jofrey will be more evil than ever..I think we are going to find out that Jofrey was the son of the Queen and her brother..

  15. Kristin says:

    HELLS YEAH! I shouted.. Never wanted someone to die on a TV show so badly.. I WAS HAPPY 😛 Still not over it!! Glad they finally killed someone who SUCKS!

  16. spoiler says:

    if u loved seeing joffery go waitt ill u see what happens to his mom lol. and no the old woman didnt poison him.
    the hound, sensa, and tywin all die very very sooon lol

  17. FattyPeon says:

    People will be far too busy hating Ramsay to miss Joff.

  18. Illusion-XIII says:

    As much as everyone wanted to see him dead, I think after the fact, everyone’s going to miss hating him more.

  19. Le Hook says:

    I was never so glad to see a character get killed off, he had NO redeeming traits!