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See Mondo’s Explosive SUNSET OVERDRIVE Print

Well look at that – the game’s not even out yet and Sunset Overdrive has already earned the Mondo treatment.

The print, by artist Matt Taylor, features the game’s lead enjoying a little “walking away from an explosion” time as a pile of enemy OD’d lie at his feet. Behind him stand some of the goofy faction leaders that we’ll get to meet in Sunset Overdrive‘s story campaign.

Mondo and developer Insomniac Games revealed the new print below at Entertainment Weekly this morning. It’s an interesting contrast to the vibrant and colorful game from the Ratchet and Clank studio. Here, Mondo has grafted their house style, emphasizing silhouettes and shadow over a game which is being marketed for its vibrancy and diverse palette.

As for Sunset Overdrive, the Xbox One-exclusive will be hitting the console on, October 28. The game puts you in the middle of a city swarming with mutated victims of a spiked energy drink, and you’ll have to use a mix of parkour-style traversal, grinding, and goofy weapons in order to clean up Sunset City.

Surprisingly, this is Mondo’s first video game poster – the Alamo Drafthouse print and tee maker has previously commissioned posters for new and repertory films as well as a handful of TV shows. Here’s hoping this isn’t just a one-off. The Sunset Overdrive print will be available during Comic-Con at Mondo’s booth, 835.

What other games do you think deserve the Mondo treatment?


[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. Jon-a-thon says:

    Mondo doesn’t have a house style … each poster’s style is determined by the artist contracted.

  2. Dillon says:

    The Metroid series would be pretty kick-ass as a Mondo poster.

  3. red zaku says:

    No More Heroes. Obviously.