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See Harrison Ford Break Down and Laugh Hysterically (Really!) in This Interview

There are only three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and Harrison Ford being a grumpy old man any time someone tries to talk to him. Or at least there were three, because we’re officially back down to the original two after seeing a truly stunning video. That’s right: someone got Harrison Ford to not only smile during an interview, but to laugh. Really, really laugh.

Ford sat down with his Blade Runner 2049 costar Ryan Gosling for an interview on the UK talk show This Morning. The show’s Alison Hammond set the absurd tone right off the bat by admitting she’s never even seen the original Blade Runner, and from there the train went right off the rails and crashed into a laughing gas factory.

Bet you never thought you’d see Harrison Ford make that face, eh? In fact, it may even feel hard to believe you’ve actually seen it now. The only logical explanation for this giggle fest is that Ford was secretly replaced with a good-natured replicant somewhere along the line. Either that or Alison Hammond is some sort of brilliant hypnotist. Either way, we need to know the truth behind what happened here, because we guarantee grumpy old Harrison Ford will return if we don’t learn the secret to making this happy version of him show up again.

Have you ever seen Harrison Ford this happy before? Did you find this as surprising as we did? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: ITV

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