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See Classic DOOM Get Ported… to an ATM Machine?

Is there nothing that can play Doom? The classic shooter has been on everything from PCs to consoles, to handhelds, with mobile ports, updates, and even an RPG adaptation. Hell, it even showed up in an arcade cabinet in Grosse Pointe Blank for some reason.

Of course, leave it to Australia to find an even odder port, bringing the 1993 twitch shooter to an ATM machine for some reason. I have to imagine this was a “because it was there” kind of situation for YouTube user JGCertified, who wrote the code to get Doom working where you get your cash.

It’s a little bit of a wonky hack, but the team behind the port were able to get the game working using the ATM machine’s keypad for character movement with sound coming through the device’s original speakers. From the looks of it, Doom on an ATM is playable (although at one point, one of the modders says that they’ll need a second keyboard). During the video, they even make it to one of the game’s bosses, unleashing hot fiery hell from a rocket launcher in between glitch-outs and disconnections as the jury-rigged collection of circuit boards would occasionally disconnect.

The whole project is still very much a work-in-progress (at one point, they realize that there’s no ESC button to back out into the game’s main menu), and for some reason, the receipt printer spits out the details about ROM in the middle of the gameplay session. But this is definitely an achievement for weirdo ports of great games.

[Source: Joystiq via Engadget]

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  1. Chris Dugan says:

    I really hate to be this guy, so chalk it up to it being a pet peeve of mine combined with OCD…
    But first, just visited your site for the first time today and love it; design is attractive and far from flamboyantly annoying, the scope of content is great, and your writing is excellent.
    That said: the “M” in in ATM means machine (as in “automatic teller machine”)… so “ATM Machine” means “automatic teller machine machine. It’s like when people say “PIN number” – the “N” there is “number.”

    Soo.. yeah, not trying to be a jerk haha, just stating this out of my new found love of Nerdist!