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See a Nightcrawler Tattoo Teleport Across a Stomach

When you want a tattoo of a character known for his ability to teleport, the tattooist can get creative. That happened in this unique Nightcrawler tattoo belonging to Terri. The X-Men uses his mutant abilities to jump from one side of Terri’s stomach to the other, complete with the appropriate “Bamf!” sound effect. The tattoo catches Nightcrawler in the midst of his leap so he’s split into two halves. It’s a creative idea, and if I had this tattoo, it would probably make me smile every time I changed my shirt.

Take a look at both sides of the tattoo:

The artist, Matthew Hays, owns New Hope Tattoo Gallery in Huntington, West Virginia. His portfolio features a wide variety of subjects inked in bold colors, and he has more than a few nerdy designs–I spot more than a few related to Star Wars. You can follow Matthew’s work on Instagram.

See the teleportation in motion (you’ll have to add your own sound effects):

Finished and healed #marvel #comics #nightcrawler Doing his thing, #bamf! #matthewhays #newhopetattoo

A video posted by Matthew Hays (@tihstae) on

Jump to the gallery below to see tattoos inspired by Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Mario Bros.

Have nerdy tattoos of your own? Or maybe you’re a tattoo artist that specializes in ink inspired by pop culture? Either way, I want to see pictures for a future installment of Inked Wednesday. Hit me up via email at [email protected] and we’ll go from there.


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