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Watch All the Movie and TV Trailers You Missed at Comic-Con

My fear of the Con Plague aside, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was full of amazing cosplay, thrilling panels and, of course, blockbuster trailer reveals. From giant production studios to small independent darlings, it seemed everyone had something to show to the eager fans in attendance and around the world. If you happened to get a bit lost in all of the excitement surrounding everything Comic-Con, fear not—we’ve rounded up the biggest and baddest trailers in movies and TV you might’ve missed:



The long-awaited trailer for Aquaman finally dropped and Hoo Boy! Jason Momoa seems to be having a lot fun with this one. There’s an astonishing glimpse at Atlantis, Momoa opening big ol’ cans of whoop-ass, and Amber Heard looking like a live-action Little Mermaid. If there ever was a good time, this seems to be it. Aquaman splashes into theaters Dec. 21.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Still no sign of Dumbledore and Grindelwald getting it on, but this trailer does tease some exciting new characters and creatures to look forward to. As always, I’m still hesitant about the future of this purportedly five-film franchise, but they do seem to be nailing the texture of the Harry Potter-verse. Every trailer draws me back into the Wizarding World and gets me pumped to wave a magical stick around one more time. Only time will tell if J.K. Rowling really can keep the magic alive with Eddie Redmayne’s duckface. The Fantastic Beasts sequel apparates into theaters Nov. 16.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, ERMAHGERD MOTHRA LOOKS DOPE!!! I have no fancy language or snappy lines to describe this trailer; just watch it and enjoy its grand spectacle. If anyone needs me, I’ll be playing with my toy Godzilla in an abandoned Toys ‘R’ Us parking lot because some kids never grow up. Godzilla: King of the Monsters stomps into theaters May 31, 2019.


The follow-up to the film that made me endlessly debate the semantics of a spoiler, Glass looks to be another thrilling addition to M. Night Shymalan’s oeuvre. A smaller cinematic universe than most, Glass unites characters from Unbreakable and Split for a fun crossover episode akin to The Avengers or That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite trailer with a beast in it, but still I’m very excited to see more Patricia. Audiences can look at Glass Jan. 18, 2019.


Warner Bros. seems to have the knack for hiring horror directors to make lighthearted superhero romps. Bursting in with the same explosiveness and silliness of Aquaman, SHAZAM! is a complete 180° from DC’s previous dour and drab superhero films. Serving mostly as a mini origin story to the character of Shazam himself, the trailer is a sweet sugar rush that transports one back in time to when the only thing you wanted to be in life was a superhero. SHAZAM! flies into theaters April 5, 2019.

Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus

On the even goofier side the long-awaited return for so many Nickelodeon-raised kids’ to the world of Invader Zim, in the form this time around of the small-screen movie Enter the Florpus, which does not yet have a broadcast date. And speaking of the small screen…


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

What was supposed to be just a celebration of Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ 10th anniversary turned into a shocking declaration of the show’s return. After the series’ abrupt cancelation following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, fans have been hoping for a fitting resolution to beloved characters and stories unfinished. “A war left unfinished” the trailer exclaims, “…until now.” Jedi Masters and padawans alike can rejoin The Clone Wars in fall of 2019 on Disney’s new streaming service.

Doctor Who

As if having a new doctor wasn’t enough, the first trailer for the upcoming 13th season of Doctor Who promises a new everything. From new characters to completely new adventures, this trailer appears to be targeted towards attracting people unfamiliar with the franchise (like moi). I honestly know nothing about Doctor Who other than the fact that an apple a day should keep her away, but if nothing else this trailer looks lively and entertaining. The doctor is in as of fall of 2018.

Better Call Saul

You would think after three seasons, someone would finally call Saul. But nope. Here we go again for season four. The spinoff series based on Breaking Bad, Better Caul Saul is back for another season full of high-stakes drama. As Jimmy McGill falls deeper and deeper into the drug underworld, he comes ever closer to emodying the titular persona of Saul Goodman. Based on the trailer, the connections between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul seem to be stronger than ever. Call your mom first, and then call Saul on August 9 on AMC.


F*** Batman! This Hot Topic hot take on Robin and the gang is exceptionally grim and gritty, in case Aquaman and SHAZAM! being so cheery and carefree isn’t your speed. There’s no exact release date yet for the show but come sometime next year you will remember the Titans.

Star Trek: Discovery

To infinity and beyond! Backed by the power guitar of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away,” the trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery introduces a new captain to the crew and hints at the return of familiar friend. Yet again, the series looks like a full-fledged film rather than a TV series, and season two seems to be another action-packed thrill ride! Continue to discover the final frontier all over again early 2019.

Castle Rock

If you’re in the market for creepiness, the Stephen King-inspired and -produced series Castle Rock looks to foot the bill. The best news of all: the series drops on Hulu on July 25!


Next, we’ve got the latest animated venture from Matt Groening: the Medieval-set Disenchantment, which drops on Netflix on Aug. 17.


And finally, we may still be waiting on The Winds of Winter (and may have quite a while before the final season of Game of Thrones hits HBO), but in the meantime, we have Nightflyers to satisfy our cravings for the creativity of George R.R. Martin. The series hits Netflix sometime this fall.

What was your favorite trailer to drop from Comic-Con 2018? Let us know in the comments down below and tell us what you’re most excited to see!

Editor’s note: Nerdist Industries is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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