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SDCC 2017: NECA, Mattel, and Mezco Bring the Movie Toy Madness

Some come to Comic-Con for the Hall H panels. Others come to meet comic-book creators. But for me, the most exciting part is usually the movie toy reveals.

With the caveat that more will be rolled out throughout the week, this year’s Con has shown us quite a few good ones so far. Let’s take a look.


The Justice League Multiverse line aimed at collectors looks better in person than it did in advance publicity images, and revealed a second wave that includes Tactical Batman, Shirtless Aquaman, Mera, Masked Cyborg, and at least two different colors of Parademon.


The smaller, more kid-focused line includes a Nightcrawler vehicle that’s shockingly similar to the one used in The LEGO Batman Movie.



If you prefer your grimdark Batman and Superman to be comic-based, Mattel’s online store The Vault (which replaces Mattycollector) will have a repainted “shadow” two-pack of Dark Knight Returns Batman versus Superman. You can always use that Batman to pretend Ben Affleck got the Venom symbiote.


NECA continues their vastly successful lineup of Aliens, Predators, and other classic R-rated movie fare. First up: an aflame new Freddy Krueger figure.


They also revealed the final version of their quarter-scale Homecoming Spider-Man, and it’s a beauty.


Their Deadpool in the same scale is getting a gray repaint, probably because they know that sales to Rob Liefeld alone will make up their costs.


And then we get a variety of vividly colored Aliens and Predators, based on their appearances in an old arcade game.



In the larger scale, a 20-inch semi-cloaked Predator comes with light-up features, and might be the most elaborate translucent figure ever made.


If your Jason Voorhees figures feel naked on the shelf, some diorama parts are coming to make him feel more at home. Fornicating teens are not included.


Ultimate Chucky, being smaller than the usual figure, can pack in a lot of extra facial expressions and weapons.


NECA’s Evil Dead 2 Henrietta was already one of their best figures, but they’ve given her an even more elaborate makeover for series two of Ash vs. Evil Dead.


If you missed out on their giant Ninja Turtle Raphael figure before, there’ll be another chance to get him, this time with his “undercover” disguise.


And this set of baby Turtles is just the cutest…plus that plastic pizza looks delicious.


From the Robocop vs. Terminator comics, two mash-ups of the core characters, plus they’ve given him a pet doggie, because even cyborg warriors need puppy love.


Mezco, meanwhile, expands their elaborately detailed one:12 collective premium 6-inch figure line with their biggest yet: Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok.


The Marvel love continues with an outstanding Netflix Daredevil.


And score one for DC too with Aquaman.


It’s a shame George Romero didn’t live to see these Dawn of the Dead figures, which are probably the best Romero zombie toys we will ever get.


BONUS! Check out Bandai’s Figuarts Justice League!


And their latest superhero samurai figure–Captain America!


Are you going to go as broke as I am in the next year? Let me know in comments.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson.

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