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Wipe the blood from your teeth and get in the pit: it’s time for a recap of this week’s best hardcore, metal, and punk rock. It’s a new year and the perfect time to get amped up on some new heavy tunes. Looking for some new death metal to bring into your life? Got you covered. Need some grindcore to get your wedding reception off on the right foot? Say no more. Strap in kiddies; it’s time to rock.



There are lots of great albums on the horizon, but the one we’re most excited for is King Woman’s debut full length, Created in the Image of Suffering. The band has recently released the track “Utopia” and it’s the beautiful stuff. Big, ambient, and hypnotic, King Woman make the soundtrack to a distorted nightmare. Their sound is natural and heavy on the reverb, but it conjures a vast sense of darkness. Fans of Neurosis and Cough should pay attention; King Woman have come for post-metal throne.

(Brooklyn Vegan)


We’ve heard a few tracks from Black Anvil’s forth coming As Was and they’re all pretty great. “Ultra,” which you can hear below, is the most melodic tune to date and probably the one with the most mainstream potential. It’s still ugly and it still sounds like Black Anvil, but there’s a tightrope walk between harmony and violence happening. It’s good stuff, for sure, and if you happen to love double bass you are in for a real treat, as there’s an insane amount on this song. Like, lots and lots. It’s relentless. As Was will be unleashed on January 13th and trust us when we say it’s a damn fine record. You can pre-order it over on the Relapse Records site, so go do that.

(Invisible Oranges)


How can you not love a band called Pissed On? That name alone is reason enough to throw money at these guys, but the fact that they play some blistering powerviolence really sweetens the deal. If you need to start the year off on an angry, aggressive note, look no further than Pissed On. Riffy and crushing, this band absolutely slays. You can’t listen to this stuff without starting a fierce pit; it’s just begging for some hardcore violence. The breakdown towards the end is killer, too. Pissed On are all-around awesome and they make us very, very pissed off (in a good way).



The Drip just released a video for the song “Blackest Evocation,”and it’s brutal with a capital B. The actual footage in the video is nothing all that special; just a collection of live stuff and some weird, spliced in imagery. The song, on the other hand, is freaking rad. If you love bands that play fast and loud punk metal–bands like Trap Them–you are going to adore The Drip. “Blackest Evocation” is a fantastic example of what these guys do so well. It’s hard and heavy, fast and technical. Watch the video below and get hyped for The Drip’s album, which drops next week. It’s epic stuff and you’ll definitely want to snag a copy.


Battle Ruins remind us a little bit of Motorhead, which is one of the biggest compliments we have ever bestowed on a band. They’re a hard rock band with clear heavy metal influences and a dash of punk rock thrown in for good measure. This is sort of band you crank in your car and scream along to. It gets you fired up and ready to tackle your day. Maybe after listening to “Glorious Dead Lay under Waves” you’ll even be able to tell your boss what a dick he is. You deserved that promotion and they went and gave it to freaking Gary. Gary! Everyone knows that guy is worthless. So yeah, listen to Battle Ruins, get your blood pumping and rock the hell out.



Code Orange’s Forever is almost upon us and so far every song we’ve heard has been that punishing metalcore we love so much. “Bleeding the Blur” is not that. It’s a song that shows just how far Code Orange is willing to push things. This is a band that refuses to be defined and boxed in. They’re heavy, loud, melodic, violent, complex, and raw. “Bleeding the Blur” almost sounds like something that Dischord would’ve put out in the early ’90s, a catchy post-punk number that rocks hard. We’re even more fired up for this album now, because it’s clear that Forever is defying all expectations. You can’t lock down Code Orange. They won’t let you. They’ll make you bleed and you’ll love every second of it.


Okay, that’s it for us this week. Jump into the comments and let us know what punk, metal, or hardcore tunes you’re spinning. It’s a brand new year, people: let’s make it hard, loud, and heavy.

Image: Relapse Records/King Woman

Gif: Nickelodeon

Benjamin Bailey writes for the Nerdist and can be found on Twitter talking about Godzilla, comic books, and hardcore music.

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