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Sciencey Stuff You May Have Missed: Week 32

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

No, Most Scientists Never Believed In “Global Cooling”

We know this ant’s sting feels like getting shot, but why?

∞ Those white sandy beaches are the poo of this buck-toothed, snot-sleeping, sex-changing fish

The origami robot looks awesome until it moves

These are the photo-receptors of a glow-in-the-dark shark

Should your robot driver kill you to save a child’s life?

This hognose snake really tries to sell the whole “don’t touch me I’m totally dead” thing

How do other animals deal with disease?

AA 12-step programs are the folk medicines of addiction, but what can we learn from them?

∞ How a 100-year old cup of tea keeps Bigfoot alive

Did astronauts really have to pass through customs and write “Moon”? Not really

Meet the ants that evict invaders by grabbing on to them and jumping off a cliff

∞ Watching a glass mantis eat a fly, and seeing the food move through it, is one of the coolest things

Two scientists track their poop for a year to find out how their microbiomes ebb and flow

∞ If we bring back the great whales, we might bring back a giant carbon sink and mitigate climate change

Curiously swarming bacteria could tell us how to fight antibiotic resistance

We finally have an idea what made those Siberian craters; it points to a climate in trouble

Siberian mystery holes are only the beginning. When the north thaws, things are going to get worse

Relive the glory of NASA’s shuttle program with a video of all 135 launches

Rosetta has traveled four billion miles to harpoon a comet in November!

Veritasium wants to know your explanation for these five fun physics phenomena!

Why Fat Grizzlies Don’t Get Diabetes Like We Do

The math and science that changed movies forever: CG

The link between fish oil and heart health has never been proven

The Earth may wipe the surface clean, but our mark will forever be left with our mines

Computer model can literally tell when you literally mean something

New study finds that you can collapse a 40-item scale for narcissism down into 1

Some butterflies can evolve new colors in as little as a year! Evolution!

Leave a cheeseburger in HCl and it turns into black mush!

MIT can reconstruct your speech from watching potato chip bags. Science. What.

Did birds evolve to migrate towards the tropics or the other way around?

∞ Does the design of this “impossible” engine break physics? Bet on physics.

A collection of measured Ebola articles

An Ebola Vaccine Is Not the Answer

The Ebola Outbreak: ‘A Dress Rehearsal For The Next Big One

This is how you pack a sample of Ebolavirus

∞ Watch a great white maul a robot!

This South Korean shipyard wants to make its employees Tony Stark

How many of the Earth’s senior citizens have we yet to discover?


Extreme Nerdery

Freeman vs. Combine

∞ I love this utterly nerdy explanation for why Gandalf didn’t just send the ring to Mount Doom via eagles.

Jamie Hyneman busts the myth that he can’t walk the Comic-Con floor in hilarious fashion

How historically accurate is The Knick?

The Matrix: Reloaded fights with 8-bit sound effects are actually quite watchable

∞ Watch Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman talk explosions, making, and science communication with me at Comic-Con!

Oh, by the way, Yoshi’s real name is “T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

It’s official: Game of Thrones needs to come back so that nerds have something to do

How could we surgically create a real Rocket Raccoon?

∞ Do you need a Star-Lord space mask to survive the vacuum of space? Dogs and chimps know the answer, surprisingly

xkcd makes a jab at the “impossible” space drive

The best thesis defense


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Cat-like reflexes indeed

A great white strikes at night

∞Let me go! I am VENGENCE. I am THE NIGHT!”

The freckleproof cape (1940)

A mantis shrimp boops an octopus

The difference between glass and flexible plastic during a blast wave

∞ Remember Physics 101 volunteers, if you lean back a bit, that energy returns to punch your face

Speed-painted DUNE in beautiful minimalism

The alternate Jurassic Park where they are chased by a giraffe and not a T. rex

A kiss seen from inside the mouth makes you rethink the whole thing

Artist Trevor Leat knows how to make a Groot

I’m now convinced that many supposed Sasquatch sightings can be explained by black bears

An icy finger of death reaches out to sea stars

The mission patch for shuttle mission STS-36 is fairly patriotic

I think the really terrifying thing about that great white camera attack is the speed

∞ How NFL bodies have bloated over the years


Pop Culture Happenings

How @dogboner became internet nerds’ worst enemy by tweeting a hilarious joke about Neil deGrasse Tyson

Survival TV is NOT teaching you good survival

That time we hacked Iran’s nuclear program to blast AC/DC at the computer stations

Eddie Redmayne looks phenomenal in this trailer for the Hawking biopic “The Theory of Everything”

∞ This video proves that an 8-bit video game version of Se7en would be almost as scary

When Tom Cruise got stuck in a Bungie game he called Bungie, because he’s Tom Cruise

Musicians making great music with crappy apartment plumbing

Japanese celebrity Shoko Nakagawa has her finger on the pulse of fashion

Artist William Utermohlen made a self-portrait each year after Alzheimer’s diagnosis

∞ An internet wizard has synced Chris Pratt’s Dr. Dre rap perfectly with the music

A gorgeous and dramatic time-lapse of stars: KINGS

Wow wow winners of the National Geographic travel photo contest

Science kits aren’t what they used to be

∞ Marie Curie’s century-old notebook is still radioactive



The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

DOCTOR WHO for Newbies: The Eighth Doctor & The Wilderness Years

DOCTOR WHO for Newbies: The Eighth Doctor & The Wilderness Years

How Young Is Too Young to Watch RICK AND MORTY?

How Young Is Too Young to Watch RICK AND MORTY?