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Sciencey Stuff You May Have Missed: Week 29

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

A spider’s web is a finely tuned violin

∞ Scientist descends into Turkmenistan’s ‘door to hell’

“Secular children were more likely than religious children to judge protagonists in fantasy stories to be fictional.”

A Call to Fight Malaria One Mosquito at a Time by Altering DNA

You want to know more about the absurd lamprey don’t you?

6 Scientific Reasons You Can’t Stop Looking At Ruin Porn

∞ The elegant physics of a fish forcing food into its face

This is Curiosity lasering a rock on Mars!

How we discover exoplanets

“Morgan Freeman may have played God in a movie, but he needs a primer on how the brain functions.”

Pangolins walk like T. rex!

MIT students make an ice cream 3D printer

Computer modeling a nuclear winter

Rescuers of a zombie spacecraft uncover a treasure trove of NASA Moon photos

How shark skin may start dealing with the biofouling menace

Why galaxies smashing into each other can be so pretty

“Forget the hammer and sickle, communism, your symbol should be the ocean dandelion.”

∞ Why do snakes bite themselves in microgravity?

Fossils of strange Cambrian predator preserved with brains intact

New study suggests that it’s time to drop the talent vs. practice debate (and destroy the 10,000 hour rule)

Marine scientists respond to Shark Week’s latest publicity stunt

More Americans believe in the 10% brain myth than in evolution

∞ Researchers make literally the blackest material ever, but one snake beat them to the concept

Engineering a worm that can’t get drunk

The other grocery line really is faster. We could fix that but we don’t want to

Sunflowers don’t just sway by following the sun

How to measure the width of one of your hairs with a laser!

You have way more than 5 senses, and other brain myths

Why is your brain in your head?

The science of cool breaks down into four main traits, which themselves are not very cool

The best review of Bigfoot hair samples finds absolutely nothing

The creature has weaponized bubbles.”

The oceans are alive with microbes that function as lungs

∞ Where does a wave you see hit the beach come from? Maybe the other side of the world


Extreme Nerdery

∞ Anime physics is weird, and weirdly constant. Here are some of my favorites

Attempting a real Holodeck with motion capture and Oculus Rift tech

Proving nature is awesome, these geckos have Metal Gear Solid-style camouflage

∞ How long would it take for one half of humanity to eat the other half?

How long would Batman last in the real world?

Why hydras are Dr. Manhattan

Infinite Khan

3D rendering of Futurama

∞ There’s a plausible way to make a super-intelligent chimp like Caesar

Yes Star Trek phaser remotes!

TMNT vs their historical counterparts

If the skeleton scene in Game of Thrones wasn’t motion capture I’ll be blown away

Deep Digital Science Behind “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

∞ If Superman was like the “Supermoon”


Sciencey GIFs and Images

The Sun releases a filament. In other words, 0_o

∞ Alter your state of consciousness and walk through a shipping container made of kaleidoscope

Yeah let’s call this the Giant Squid nebula and not what it looks like

I adore the sci-fi art in the OMNI collection

Watch tattooing in slow motion while getting a real tattoo

Incredible macro photo of a hummingbird by Chris Morgan

∞ Artist RJ Palmer knows that a feathered t. rex can indeed be badass

Curiosity rolls up to a large iron meteorite dubbed “Lebanon”

The next best thing to Daft Punk masks are infinity mirror masks

Stabilize that famous cheetah GIF and you can appreciate its skill even more

Artist and beekeeper Ren Ri uses geometry, randomness, and religion to craft amazing bee hives

Mountain lions go for the back of your neck, scorpions don’t really kill anyone, and other things I learned from this

A bridge between galaxies and an amazing example of gravitational lensing

∞ Fantastic mirage at the Scottish Open

Dad builds son near-perfect LEGO Boba Fett costume


Pop Culture Happenings

The line to get into Comic-Con 1983

8-bit pixel sunglasses implore everyone around you to deal with it

Help a Star Wars charity via a Stewart and Colbert video

Star Wars as a Minecraft movie looks damn impressive

75 years of Batman masks

∞ Celebrate Apollo 11 history by watching Buzz Aldrin punch this jerk in the face

“The 67 snails were incinerated once inspectors positively identified them.”

What it’s like to own the most famous cat in the world

Collection of “godlike” concept art features some of my favorites: MTG, SOTC, and God of War

Are e-sports real sports?


DOCTOR WHO for Newbies: The Eighth Doctor & The Wilderness Years

DOCTOR WHO for Newbies: The Eighth Doctor & The Wilderness Years

How Young Is Too Young to Watch RICK AND MORTY?

How Young Is Too Young to Watch RICK AND MORTY?

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists