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Science! Soccer, Wrestling, ‘n’ Hockey! Comedy!: The Week In Podcasts

Okay, let’s get this recap of the week at the Nerdist Podcast Network started already. Yes, I want to get to this long (in the U.S.) weekend as badly as you do. (Plus, my birthday’s on Tuesday, so I REALLY want to get away from the computer and have fun for once.) Quickly, then, let’s recap:

Hakeem Oluseyi is an astrophysicist and all-around cool person who is one of the hosts of the Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science, and he visited the Nerdist Podcast to talk with Chris about how he got into science as a young child reading encyclopedias (yes, there was life before Wikipedia) and developed computer skills, his school troubles and how they illustrate problems with the way the educational system addresses students and faculty who don’t “fit the part” of the stereotypical academic, and the theory that our reality is an alien race’s computer simulation. And more, more, and more. Science nerd or not, this one’s for you.

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl kicked some soccer topics around on the first of two episodes of The Jonah Keri Podcast, and it was recorded just before the Copa America final, so you could provide your own spoilers. But it’s still a great in-depth talk about the Beautiful Game, including what exactly sets Messi apart (with some prescient references to failing to win a big one), where America stands in international play, and a lot more, plus a brief dive into basketball, Grant’s previous specialty. Then, on Friday’s edition, former WWE Raw head writer Brian Gewirtz took us behind the scenes of both the pro wrestling world and the psychology of an intense New York Mets fan, including his Mets memorabilia (hey, Brian, I have every Mets yearbook ever, all the way back to 1962, and I’m not even a Mets fan!), plus writing for sitcoms, working for Dwayne Johnson, and how he and Cousin Sal beat Jonah in League of Leagues. In other sports news, the flurry of blockbuster/inexplicable trades and the surprising Stamkos return to Tampa Bay only threw Greg and Lozo off a tiny bit as they welcomed Keith Olbermann for some choice hockey-related rants, including his ire at the changes on Hockey Night in Canada (farewell, Strombo), on Puck Soup. Also, some choice impressions beyond the usual Mad Dog Russo, and a very fleeting reference to Lozo’s day job, writing Harambe song parodies and fake-but-accurate Vin Scully soliloquies on Twitter.

Guest Parade!: Veep showrunner and veteran of Many Shows You Love (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, SNL) David Mandel on The Writers Panel; Steve Hytner — Kenny Bania! — and Theo Von joined Arden to recap The Bachelorette on Will You Accept This Rose?; Actor/improv comic Chris Tallman on The JV Club; Marvel producer, Women of Marvel co-host, and cosplayer Judy Stephens on Comic Book Club;John Wick director Chad Stahelski on Chewin’ It; UCB’s Shannon O’Neill on You Made It Weird; Casey Jane Ellison on Love, Alexi; Caleb Synan on The Todd Glass Show; Comedian Charlene Mae on Cash Withdrawal; and Julian Dennison, the star of Taika Waititi’s new movie Hunt For The Wilderpeople, on Today We Learned.

More Goodness Ahoy!: Beer, bears, and Brexit were discussed at length on Half Hour Happy Hour; Jessica went solo with the tale of the librarian cat on Bizarre States; Two Pro You episodes, a new Live Experience and a return visit by Conan‘s Aaron Bleyaert; Tales of audiences and the road and other comedy things were the fare on The Jackie and Laurie Show; The Legacy Music Hour Mixtape revisited the Funny Music episode for some sorely needed chuckles and/or guffaws; and our ol’ pals the Elfmans went after each other as usual, then turned their hostility towards yoga pants (yoga pants?!?) on Kicking and Screaming.

As always, you will find it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page, and if you subscribe to your favorite shows, you will miss nothing. So do that. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go have a 4th of July/birthday weekend (oh, you don’t HAVE to give me a gift, just maybe follow me on Twitter @pmsimon or on Instagram @pmsimon), and I hope that wherever you are, you have a great weekend, a great holiday if that applies to you, and, when the fireworks are bursting in air Monday night, remember, they’re probably in honor of me. At least, that’s what I always tell myself.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Your Nerdist Podcast Network team: Katie Levine, Aristotle Acevedo, Kyle Clark, ‘n’ Me
Picture: From TedX Talks (Orlando, 2011)

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