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Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins The Voice Cast Of STAR WARS: REBELS For Season Two

As if Star Wars: Rebels couldn’t get any cooler after last night’s game-changing season finale, it just got a serious shot of geek cred with the announcement that Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is joining the voice cast of the series in season two of the Disney XD series. Gellar already has a tie to the show in a way, as her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. is the voice actor behind one of the show’s leads, the rebel Jedi Knight named Kanan. Gellar let fans know the news by tweeting out a picture of herself in the recording studio with Rebels producer Dave Filoni.

Who Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing is being kept under wraps, but based on the events of last night’s finale, I think we can at least start speculating…

(Massive SPOILERS for the first season of Rebels from here on out, so if you haven’t watched yet, you have been warned.)

The end of Rebels had our main cast, the crew of The Ghost, discover that they are but one cell in a larger Rebel organization, led by Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. At this point in the show’s timeline, Bail’s adopted daughter Leia would be about fifteen years old. When we are introduced to Leia in A New Hope, she’s already handy with a blaster — could that be because she learned all that from some of the cast of Rebels? Of course, Gellar could be playing someone totally different, but one would imagine she’d be drawn to the show to probably voice a high-profile character, and is there a more high-profile female character in all of Star Wars than Princess Leia? Besides, after playing Buffy Summers, who wouldn’t want two iconic badass girls on their resume?

[HT: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Twitter]

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  1. Stark says:

    Maybe she’s Asoka

  2. Neil says:

    Leia is a possibility, but could it be Mon Mothma?

    • Henry says:

      Interesting idea. SMG is much closer in age to where Mothma would be in the Rebels timeline than to where Leia would be – not that age matters much in voice acting.
      One thing about Leia – so far, Rebels has given us the real actors whenever it’s introduced an OT character (Lando,  C-3PO), so it’s not totally outrageous to think they could use Carrie Fisher in a cameo at some point. Maybe clean up the tobacco rasp in post.