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Sam Rockwell, Meatballs, And More: The Week In Podcasts

Let’s get right into the recap of what we had at the Nerdist Podcast Network before I start writing about Villanova winning the NCAA men’s tournament and we get horribly sidetracked:

Sam Rockwell did the Nerdist Podcast and dropped some news you didn’t know about what might have been, namely that there had been a Galaxy Quest sequel planned before Alan Rickman’s passing. So, yeah, Guy Fleegman was discussed, and working with some of the best actors in the business, and comedy, and auditioning, and keeping his private life private. He’s in the new movie Mr. Right, out today.

Restaurateur Michael Chernow, the co-founder of New York’s The Meatball Shop and host of TV’s Food Porn, chowed down with Jonah on The Jonah Keri Podcast for talk about the restaurant biz, sobriety, starting a business, fitness while surrounded by food, and how he switched from the Mets to the Yankees, which is blasphemy (switching your loyalty from ANY team to the Yankees is blasphemy).

Promised for weeks, finally delivered: That elusive Tom Papa episode of You Made It Weird, with talk about avoiding conflict, Jose Canseco, 7:06 as 6:66, the value of close-mindedness, baking as therapy, the Pillow of Truth, generational deterioration, genetics vs. environment, ranting, corporal punishment, and much more that confirmed it was worth the wait. Because it was.

The Jackie and Laurie Show addressed the Kennedys, rich comics, eating the mic, Larry “Bubbles” Brown, Tracy Morgan, working cruises, ham, “John Byner’s Comedy on the Road,” big rooms, big and small rooms, Laurie’s family’s old home, religion, “Premium Blend”… lots of stuff.

Jay Chandrasekhar returned to visit his Broken Lizard compadres on Chewin’ It, and they cover a lot of random stuff, including the scent of Rob Lowe and Chris Christie’s M&Ms. Also, more on Super Troopers 2, because of course.

A special Thrilling Adventure Hour saw the WorkJuice Players and special guests take on the task of reading the alternate script for Grown Ups 2 written by the guys from The Worst Idea Of All Time. It’s unique.

Ben Karlin talked about his career, from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report to Modern Family, on The Writers Panel.

Jess got lost in Dark Pinterest — there IS such a thing — and the story of an intrepid 9-year-old crime reporter raising hackles in a Pennsylvania town was examined on Bizarre States. And the reliably bizarre Half Hour Happy Hour involved snake tossing. As you would expect. Also, Tom had a passive-aggressive birthday, and the gang recapped their Wondercon experience.

And more: Troy Conrad and Robbie Kirkhuff did The Todd Glass Show, and Cody Woods came in for an after-show, so block out some extra time for this one; Cash and T.J. rambled through more weirdness on Cashing In with T.J. Miller; Nando Vila of Fusion dropped by for a political Love, Alexi, and Alexi herself was the guest on The Mutant Season to tell Gil what she does and how she got there; and Alison Bennett, a writer on You’re the Worst looked back on her youth in Central Pennsylvania, true crime, and other nostalgia on The JV Club.

Still more: Hound Tall examined the history of electronic music with Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System, Ari Shaffir, Phoebe Robinson, Chris Cubas, some guest drop-ins, and the story of Moshe’s name; Tom decided to look inward for a solo Pro You; Kristen Gudsnuk talked Henchgirl and filmmaker Heather Fink talked Daredevil on Comic Book Club, and if that wasn’t enough, the Club was back later in the week with Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero talking their Assassin’s Creed comic book Templars; Writer/director Robert Budreau flung facts on Today We Learned; and guest Kevin Nealon got into the Elfmans’ act on Kicking and Screaming. Oh, and we got another Free Play episode of The Legacy Music Hour, despite technical trouble. Perseverance pays off.

Get it all. Go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Subscribe already. Oh, and look for yet another great new show next week, one for fans of a particular stick-related sport…

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Dreamworks SKG

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