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SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Unveils Character Designs for the Black Moon Clan

Get excited, Meatball Heads! Sailor Moon Crystal, the more manga-faithful reboot of beloved ’90s anime Sailor Moon, has found its Black Moon cast and revealed brand new character designs! In the original series, the Sailor Guardians’ villainous time travelers hailed from the aptly named planet Nemesis and provided a nefarious foil to Sailor Moon and her friends. The Black Moon Clan sported their own crescent moon marks, except theirs were black and upside down – a perfect counterpart to the Sailors’.

And, if the new designs are any indication, it looks like Sailor Moon Crystal’s Black Moon Clan will feature many of those familiar details:


From left to right, Mamoru Miyano plays Prince Demande, the leader who’s after the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon; Tubas Yonaga plays Saphir, Prince Demande’s alchemist younger brother who is not too keen on Demande’s quest; Hark Takahashi voices Rubeus, who “uses followers to subjugate the Sailor Senshi for Demande”; and Houko Kuwashima plays Esmeraude, who’s harboring some not-so-secret feelings for Demande.

The Black Moon arc kicked off earlier this month, and will introduce the new characters in episode 15 on February 17. And don’t worry if you don’t live in Japan! Crunchyroll, Hulu, and other sites stream new episodes as they air in Japan, on the first and third Saturdays of every month.

[HT: Anime News Network]

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  1. Batwing says:

    I am so excited for the new episode u guys!:D

  2. Batwing says:

    I’ m so excited of sailor moon crystal episode 15!!:D

  3. Jair Campos says:

    Episode 15 will air until April.

  4. Derwyn says:

    I am so excited.  I am hoping they will do the entire manga series.  My only change in the entire series would be to bring back the generals so the scoyts can have their own happy ending.

  5. Dovie says:

    Yeah, if it’s the first and third Episode of every month the next airdate should be the 7th..  Are they going to do anymore arcs after this? Would love to see the heart crystal arc and the dream mirror arc after this.. they’ve done such wonderful art so far. I wonder what their rendition of Helios/Pegasus would be? It’s exciting to see such a fresh face of a classic, not to mention legendary Anime!!

  6. Gloney says:

    It should be February 7th not 17th 🙂 (I mean the date new episode will air)