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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Do Social Media “Battle” Again

We may never see a full-on Wolverine and Deadpool movie with the original big-screen actors, since Disney is likely to reboot one or both within the next couple of years. Fortunately, we’re basically getting one in real life that seems to play out indefinitely, as Ryan Reynolds just can’t get Hugh Jackman out of his head. But even as the real-life Wade Wilson continues to direct his deadly mutant snark at Australia’s greatest superhero showman, the Wolverine gives back as good as he gets.

The latest shot across Logan’s bow is a response to Jackman’s newest political drama, The Front Runner. In the spirit of a campaign, Reynolds has made a fake negative ad that impugns the star’s credibility and encourages all Academy members to vote for Deadpool instead…though it ultimately insists they should see The Front Runner anyway.

Jackman’s rebuttal was to take the high road — literally — and bring his dog along with him to, ahem, make a statement. Actions speaking louder than words, and all that.

We know it’s probably not up to Fox any more, but can’t we just let them fight on the big screen? It’s clearly what they want, and after all this build-up, it just won’t be the same with newer, younger actors.

Would you vote for a Jackman/Reynolds Deadpool vs. Wolverine film? Comment below and let everyone know.

Image: 20th Century Fox

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