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Ryan Adams Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’, Full 1989 Covers Album Debuts Next Week

Musicians will often pay tribute to their influences by covering their songs in concert, or if they really care a lot, they’ll record a rendition of one of their tracks and release it as a B-side, or maybe as part of a compilation tribute covers album. Then there’s Ryan Adams, who is into Taylor Swift in a monumental way and decided to record a track-for-track cover of Swift’s hit 2014 album, 1989.

Adams has been releasing short clips of the recording process and has shared snippets of almost every song on the album, but today, the levee broke: the full studio recording of Adams’ version of “Bad Blood” was premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1, and you can listen to it below:

Furthermore, Adams announced that his full 1989 covers album will be released digitally on Sept. 21. Peep his tweet about it, which features the album art:

Adams’ 1989 will be available to pre-order on iTunes tonight (September 17) at midnight EST. When Lowe premiered “Bad Blood” this morning, he also said he will be interviewing Adams on the album’s release date and added that they will be joined by “a very special guest” over the phone. We reckon there’s basically no way the “very special guest” isn’t Swift herself.

Taylor is totally on board with this project, by the way: She took to Twitter this morning to cite Adams as a major influence in her work and say that she’s blown away by this whole ordeal:

Obvious and lazy joke alert: Looks like there’s no… bad blood.

HT: Pitchfork
Featured image courtesy of Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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