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Rumored Details on CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR’s Characters and Costumes Emerge

There have been plenty of set pictures and news coming from Marvel’s next big film, Captain America: Civil War, and it seems like the next solo venture for Cap is might shape up to be bigger than either of the previous Avengers films. JoBlo has recently reported on several bits of info, not yet confirmed, about a few plot points and costuming details for the extensive cast of the film.

warning: possible spoilers ahead

It seems Black Panther will not be directly involved in a stand-off between Cap and Iron-Man, at least initially. He will most likely be hunting The Winter Soldier for his own reasons. He will be falling on the Stark side of the scuffle, though, and he is expected to be a viable threat to Cap with his Vibranium-shrouded costume and claws that can easily scratch up Cap’s shield. He will also be sporting a very “Stark-like” version of his Panther Jet as well. Now, onto some previously established supporting characters.

Cap vs PantherImage via

Cap will be going to war with friends at his side, including the likes of Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and War Machine. We can expect even more purple on Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye this time around, as he continues to move closer in line with his 616 appearance, but how close we do not know yet. He will also be working side by side with Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, since there is word of visuals involving Scott Lang in his tiny form ready to be launched on one of Hawkeyes arrows. It seems Lang’s costume will be updated as well, instead of re-using the 1960s style costume for his solo film. Lang will also reportedly be able to shift into his Giant Man form in his fight against Iron Man and his team. War Machine, however, is going to be taking a more Tank-like look to his armor, which will also include a shoulder-mounted weapon that doubles as a canon and a baton.

Cap and his buddy Sam Wilson won’t be left out, however. We have seen pictures of both characters on set already, but what we haven’t seen is that Anthony Mackie’s Falcon will also supposedlybe sporting wrist-mounted lasers and grappling hooks, as well as a familiar friend from the comics. Wilson will have a bird-like drone known as Redwing that will be helping him take on Tony and friends. Fans of the comics will remember Redwing as a legitimate falcon that Wilson shared a telepathic link to. Obviously, that doesn’t work so well in this version of events. We may also finally get to see Captain America sport the scale-mail-style armor that he has worn in the comics for quite some time. If anything, it will probably fall in line with his Marvel NOW! costume.

Cap Marvel NOWImage:

Again, these bits of info have not been officially confirmed or denied, so don’t take them to heart too much… but they are all quite exciting if they do turn out to be true. What do you think of these possible revelations? How do you think Civil War will stack up to the rest of the MCU films? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image from Marvel via IGN

HT: JoBlo



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