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Rumor: THOR: RAGNAROK Director Shortlist Revealed, Darcy’s Future in Question

Big changes could be coming to Asgard, True Believers. Just so we’re very clear on this one, what follows should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt until further notice. Cool? Cool.

Okay, so as you guys know, Marvel recently set into motion its production plans for “Phase Three” that include a new Captain America movie co-starring Iron Man, a Black Panther movie, a Captain Marvel movie and, as it will pertain to today’s story, a third Thor movie. However, beyond Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, no other announcements have been made concerning the creative teams for any of the respective post-Ant-Man films. But, that silence may have now been broken thanks to one crafty Redditor.

Supposedly, a user going by the alias “the_marvel_intern” claims to have been recently laid off from the company at the start of 2015, and has chosen to reveal some key details about the upcoming Thor threequel. What details, you ask? The post mainly concerned the director shortlist, which currently features Adam McKay in the frontrunner position with Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) and Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) following close behind.

According to the poster, “[B]ecause [McKay]’s worked with Marvel, the studio is comfortable working with him and knows the type of output he’ll churn out.” As for the other two, the writer says the main hindrance for Edwards is scheduling seeing as he already has a Star Wars spin-off and Godzilla sequel in the pipeline; Reeves’ main selling point is having come to the Planet of the Apes franchise to create a “better film” than his predecessor, something that Marvel apparently wants from Thor.

The poster also proclaims that Marvel wants someone “who will treat the Thor franchise with a lot of respect. Taking in the source material more, and dropping characters like Darcy who Marvel sees as being ‘forcefully manufactured’.”

This last bit is when we enter the “this is getting hard to believe” territory. One of the most memorable moments in Thor: The Dark World was when Darcy slipped in her infamous phrase “meow meow” – the term she’s used for Thor’s difficult-to-pronounce hammer, Mjölnir, since the first film. The franchise may have its problems, but Darcy is hardly one for that side of the notepad. In fact, Kat Dennings is one of the series’ biggest strengths if anything – especially in The Dark World. If Marvel is so keen on pleasing fans above all else (Coulson’s resurrection, the Captain Marvel movie, more Loki all the time always), we have to believe the last thing they’d do is ruin “Meow Meow” for us.

Until more evidence is presented, this is all hearsay. Intriguing hearsay, but hearsay nonetheless. So for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you up for any of the directors on this list taking on Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. liz says:

    Ditch Natalie Portman before Kat. That Thor/boring girl dynamic is painful.

  2. Freya Rosebull says:

    What the Fuck?? They shouldn’t get rid of Darcy instead They should make her character more serious, more mature!! ‘cause that’s why she gets so much hate for some fans. Jokes are fine but I agree it sort of annoying with the climate of the movie and when this character could give us the finger and surprise us all.!!!She could be anything!! Damn it!!

  3. Rev_Otto says:


  4. Randy says:

    Darcy was the most interesting character in both films. The part should be more prominent not eliminated.

  5. Taylor Anne says:

    I’m sorry but if Marvel really did listen to their fans then we wouldn’t have to see Hawkeye thrown to the side as if he wasn’t an actual Avenger and there would be a damn Black Widow in the making already. Captain Marvel and Coulson’s resurrection are probably the best things they’ve done in concerns to that, but it’s not enough to say they actually listen to us.

  6. Steve says:

    Everyone is voicing an opinion of pro/anti Darcy, when I think the most frightening point in this article is that Adam McKay is  considered a front runner for Thor 3. Does the Anchorman director really seem like the best choice?

  7. Ian ware says:

    i loved Thor: The Dark World, think she was an ok supporting character. 

  8. Ryan says:

    No but listen – if this is actually going to be Ragnarok, I’m totally expecting it to be a really dark movie. I understand that Darcy was awesome and brought light and humor but I’m thinking the direction of the Thor storyline is going to a not-so-humorous place.

  9. Phategod1 says:

    Was hoping Darcy would become the enchantress.

  10. LAB says:

    One amusing catchphrase and suddenly Darcy is indispensable?  She’s peripheral at best.  The story needs to go back to Asgard so trim some of the fat.  I don’t see Jane Foster being needed either.  Sif needs more screen time to make up for the writers turning her into the rejected, jealous woman who can’t have the man she wants.

  11. Edward says:

    The problem is not Darcy it’s Natalie Portman.  Why they cast her after her performance in the Star Wars prequels I’ll never know.  She’s fine in arty films but she doesn’t have the right kind of charisma or presence for these kinds of movies. Plus she has 0 chemistry with Chris Hemsworth.

  12. Shinokata says:

    They shouldn’t get rid of her, but her not showing up wouldn’t be the end of the world if they let other characters pick up the comedic slack. It’s better to let the films all have their own character and feel rather than churning out carbon-copy blockbusters with different paint jobs.

  13. LauraSH says:

    Darcy is awesome. I’d miss her.

  14. ej says:

    Darcy was pretty pointless in the first movie, but more entertaining than Portmans character in the 2nd.. But the time spent on both of them could probably be used better somewhere else in the movies instead

  15. fanshawe says:

    What I’d really like to see is Tadanobu Asano and Ray Stevenson get some actual screen time and maybe even *gasp* character arcs. It kills me to see them just blend with the background all the time in the movies. Not really worried about the directors or Darcy. 

  16. Blixkreeg says:

    Darcy should be Inhuman. ‘Nuff said.

  17. W says:

    They are actually gunning for a more humorous take i.e. GOTG

  18. ben says:

    I like Darcy. Cute, funny and the human element in the series. 

  19. EgoMartini says:

    “……treat the Thor franchise with a lot of respect” – ya, I can see that getting old real quick – without the humour pulling Thor out of the heavens Thor flicks will become multi-million dollar snoozefests. 

  20. todd says:

    Nope Darcy is a horrible character she’s been a weak point since the start. Meow meow was great but not enough to keep her on.