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Rumor: Play Cops and Robbers in BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE

Dead Space developer Visceral Games appears to be trading alien monsters for cops and robbers as they work on the next Battlefield title. Dubbed Battlefield: Hardline, it will be the first Battlefield game not developed by DICE and will feature a police-themed scenario. This leak accidentally came from EA’s website and caught the attention of fansite Battlefield Daily where they uncovered more than just a title.


Codenamed “Havana,” the game is rumored to have four multiplayer classes that include Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional. We also get a trio of modes comprised of Blood Money, Bomb Squad, and Carrier Assault, and a multiplayer map called Downtown (perhaps the featured image above?)

Battlefield Daily also has uncovered various icons from the game that show ranks, ribbons, weapons, and vehicles. While you may have been used to flying jets and commandeering tanks, rumors suggest you’ll take the wheel of sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more as you combat crime.

This law enforcement take of Battlefield is a big change of pace considering the previous titles relied on wars against other countries/factions rather than a focus on the likes of civilians vs. the military. Of course we’ll have to wait till E3 next month to see if this all pans out.

The game is expected to have a beta and is rumored to release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

How do you feel about a potential cops vs. robbers Battlefield game type?

HT: IGN ; Battlefield Daily

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  1. Brrman says:

    Doesn’t matter… Origin is so fuukked for so many people, won’t even be able to play it.

  2. Master says:

    i had listen that multiplayer won’t be player vs player but player vs ia? is it real?