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RUMOR: New Image Suggests a DC Movie Before DAWN OF JUSTICE

Here’s another one of those “thing on the internet that might be true or might totally not be true” which seems to perpetuate all of our geek-centric entertainment happenings these days. And before we get into, we want to point out that this is an ENORMOUS rumor. There is nothing to back this up at all; it’s merely an image on a person’s phone that they shared on Imgur and then the internet exploded. Okay, so we good about this?

Someone has posted an image they claim to be from a special teaser-showing of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that ended with the following title card, suggesting there will in fact be a film prior to that movie which is due out in 2016. Again we’ll say, there is nothing to corroborate this image.


The image is accompanied by this text: “I have an iPhone video of the teaser trailer (it has updated since, but close with most things), and no, I will never distribute it, but I will offer this screen shot.”

Uhhh…what?!?! As far as we knew, Dawn of Justice was going to be the next of DC’s now-many planned films to get released, in March of 2016. If this image is correct, it would mean that the movie’s been split into two, that the first part will be called Enter the Knight, AND it’ll be out in October of this very year.

I have to say, if Warner/DC is going to give us yet another extended origin of Batman, then I am going to be mightily disappointed. WE KNOW WHO HE IS, DAMMIT. I’m already upset they’re even dealing with that aspect in the new film. On the other hand, if Zach Snyder just shot more content than could possibly fit in a single film (and the shoot was 10+ months long so that’s entirely possible), then more Batman might not be a bad thing. Maybe we’ll get some solo Batman stuff with Ben Affleck showing off what he does before we get into the meat and potatoes of setting up the conflict between Bats and Supes and all the other JLA members being brought in.

We’ll keep you updated as this possible nothing develops. But tell us your thoughts below anyway.

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  1. Joe says:

    I think if there’s going to be a Batman vs. Superman story in the “Man of Steel” universe, then it makes sense to introduce this version of Batman. It doesn’t necessarily have to be another Batman origin story, but it could just be a Batman story. Perhaps a story that ends with him finding some Kryptonite. 

  2. Jason says:

    I was wondering why in the hell we had to wait until 2016 for BvS:DoJ. It went into production and went into post-production prior to the new Star Wars movie, but it was coming out a year later?

    There’s no way that BvS:DoJ would have almost a year more post-work than Episode 7.I’m usually first to call BS on rumors like this, but due to the factors above and WB/DC having to sit around with their thumbs up their a$$es for years (post-Harry Potter & Nolan Batman) to make any real money.

    I thought there had to be more to it… so, I buy this. Also, I now think the Bruce Wayne childhood flashback scenes we saw set pics from may be from the first installment, and flashbacks are likely all the origin we’ll see… then we’ll see Batfleck kick some ass in Gotham and see him making his way to Metropolis after being made aware of the events of MoS… I think that’s what they may mean by “Enter the Knight”.

    Just my two cents.. could be worthless, but it’s been nagging at me every time I hear about BvS:DoJ

  3. Tanner says:

    it only makes sense, the original story was 2 parter