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Rumor: Lawrence Kasdan To Write BOBA FETT Stand-Alone STAR WARS Spin-Off

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Boba Fett stand-alone Star Wars movie for awhile now, and according to a scoop over at Schmoes Know, they have seemingly confirmed that The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is indeed writing the script, in addition to his writing duties on Episode VII. This makes sense, as Kasdan was the guy who wrote Boba Fett the first time (and I say “wrote” loosely, as Boba Fett has like, four lines in the entire original trilogy.) I just hope it’s Empire/Raiders of the Lost Ark Kasdan and less Dreamcatcher Kasdan who shows up to the party this time.

There have been so many rumors surrounding this mysterious Boba Fett movie it’s hard to make heads or tails of them, except to say that at this point, it’s probably happening. Where there’s this much smoke, there’s probably fire. One rumor from Latino-Review suggested that Kasdan didn’t like the whole “Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett” origin story that George Lucas came up with for Attack of the Clones, and was planning to retcon it by saying the Boba we knew and loved was another outlaw/bounty hunter who killed Boba and stole his identity, and that this retcon would be the basis for the Boba Fett solo movie. The guys at Schmoes Know have heard a different rumor, that this is going to at least be partially based on an old Expanded Universe story featuring Boba Fett, and they think it’s one from the Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology book from the nineties. Truth be told, Boba Fett appeared in so many EU stories, it could be almost anything.

We know there are three Star Wars spin-off films planned (according to this report, we might even know what they all are) and we also know that two of them have a director already–Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards and Chronicle’s Josh Trank. The question now is, which one of these two gentlemen is getting the Boba Fett movie, and how long before Disney makes it all official? One of these is coming in a little over two years after all. As with all things Star Wars of late, expect news imminently.

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  1. Andrew Kell says:

    Nope. The question is how badly are they gonna mess this badass character up and how long before we demand George takes the Franchise back before Disney messes it up permanently

  2. Paul F says:

    Not asking for a lot out of a Nerdist article, but maybe have someone use spell check next time? “Bob Fett”? “Tales of the Bouty Hunters”? I get that you’re excited and writing at Warp 9, but slow down.

    • ughhhh says:

      Preaching to the choir my friend. First they redo the website where it wont work on android phones. Next, they give up on editing articles completely. Finally, theyve turned the site into one giant ad for some crappy monster fighting game. @ Midnight is still super tits though!