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Rumor: Disney/Lucasfilm To Recast Indiana Jones…With Bradley Cooper?

The master rumor mavens over at Latino Review have dropped another doozy of a rumor today, and one that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. According to their latest report, Disney/Lucasfilm is looking to go the James Bond route and recast Indiana Jones for an all new trilogy. There is still a small possibility that Harrison Ford could return, but the window for him playing Dr. Jones again is getting smaller and smaller with each day. Disney/Lucasfilm are said to be looking at tons of actors, and while the report stresses that no deals have been made to anyone, one of the actors at the top of the list is said to be Bradley Cooper. Cooper is one of the biggest male stars in Hollywood right now without a major franchise (and Rocket Raccoon doesn’t count…yet) and he could do the part justice. There could be worse choices, although an unknown shouldn’t be ruled out.

While I am usually against rebooting franchises just for the sake of doing it, in my opinion, Indiana Jones is long overdue for a reboot. Or, should I say, a simple recasting (and definitely not a remake of an existing film; I think anyone who attempts to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark who aren’t a group of little kids deserve to fail.) Indy was conceived by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as the American James Bond, and 007 has been played by six actors now over the course of fifty years. If Kingdom of the Crystal Skull taught us anything, it’s that we don’t wanna see a geriatric Dr. Jones swinging on vines and jumping off trucks in his sixties. He should always be a young man, and it should always be roughly 1930/1940-something. Maybe Harrison Ford could appear in some kind of framing sequence, but as far as I’m concerned, that should be it. It’s time this generation had their own version of the estimable Dr. Henry Jones Jr. to call its own.


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  1. Robert says:

    I have written a script for a modern day Indiana Jones film.  Can anyone help me promote it to Lucasfilm and Disney?  See

  2. Robert says:

    I have written a script for a modern day Indiana Jones film. Can anyone help me promote it to Lucasfilm and Disney? See

  3. ---------- says:

    THAT’S IT DISNEY HAS GONE TOO FAR, REBOOTING INDIANA JONES? I DON’T THINK SO….well there goes everyone’s childhood, George Lucas my friend,you have made a grave mistake

  4. Jack says:

    I was doing a web search to see if anyone else though Jenson Ackles would be perfect and it looks like others have the idea too.  

  5. Old Lady says:

    Bradley Cooper? Too much of a pretty boy. Jensen Ackles looks the part but is too wooden of an actor. My vote would be Michael Fassbender or better yet, JOHN BARROWMAN!

  6. MEC says:

    I don’t understand why we have to keep touching great movies. Leave them alone. I love Bradley Cooper, but I don’t see the point in making a new trilogy of Indiana Jones movies, leave it alone! I can’t stand it. I feel that creativity has gone down the toilet.

  7. aj says:

    Eeeeeuuuwww Yuck He’s creepy.

  8. Joseph says:

    I absolutely agree Matt Davis would be a far better choice. The guy is a dead ringer for Harrison Ford and even shares many of his mannerisms. He is a relative unknown and would bring a fresh face to the role.

  9. michelle says:

    JENSEN ACKLES!!!!! Perfect!

  10. Danny Van Dalsen says:

    I would NEVER watch an “Indiana Jones” movie that did not feature Harrison Ford in the title role!

  11. ts35 says:

    idris Elba might be a great choice, theres just no way it goes that way. But it’s a round about way of getting to the core issue. Whoever it is has to have gravitas, humor, a physical presence, acting ability and intelligence. Just find those things. Trying to find someone to play it like Harrison Ford will leave them with the next Timothy Dalton. There are lots of good-looking guys with self-depricating senses of humor out there. But few that carry that gravitas and depth. Cooper might be able to do it, but it would have a different flavor. Pre-Captain America, I wouldn’t have thought Chris Evans could do “gravitas”, but he’d have an outside shot. Renner has the gravitas, not sure he has the warmth. And they’re all missing that great deep gravely Harrison Ford voice.

    I’m a big fan of Nathan Fillion, but I’m not sure he fits any longer. He’s put on some weight and he’s had back problems. Not sure if we’ll be seeing him in any big action roles going forward. Ford always seemed younger than he was because he was always in shape. Carpenter shape, not gym shape.

    But who are we kidding….they’re going to end up casting an Australian.

  12. rogue3 says:

    Why Masi Oka? I say get Ke Huy Quan back in the fray as an adult Short Round. Pair him with a new actor playing Indy and it would be a good way to connect to the original series and move forward at the same time.

  13. jock says:

    Blah blah blah

    More opinions that don’t matter, another minute of one’s life wasted typing this rubbish. Don’t people have lives to live anymore?

  14. Jason says:

    Timothy Olyphant would be an interesting choice.

  15. DarthJay says:

    If they had gone for the reboot 10 years ago, I though Brenden Fraser’s character from The Mummy was very Indiana Jones-esque. But he’s getting pretty old now, too. I liked Bradly Cooper in The A-Team as Face, but he doesn’t seem “gruff” enough for the Indy character, IMHO. I don’t know that anyone in Hollywood now can step into those shoes, though. They are big ones to fill.

  16. steve says:

    I think they should retire the role with Harrison Ford. There are not that many people who can step into his shoes and play that part. Though I did come across one really good suggestion today. Better seen than said. 🙂

  17. Jim says:

    For those of you who have forgotten, there have been four actors to portray Indiana Jones.
    Ford and River Phoenix in the films.
    Sean Patrick Flannery and Corey Carrier in the “Young Indy..” series.
    There is plenty of fertile ground to cover. Hopefully, any future work will be better executed than “Crystal Skull.”

  18. jesture says:

    I actually agree with the first post. Think about this, use Harrison Ford as Dr. Jones while building his sons role with douche (Shia LaBeouf) slowly slipping Harrison Ford into Shawn Connery role and letting the real Indiana Jones die with Harrison while the new generation gets a whole new character/story-line. If Hollywood would give Shia the same consideration and care as they would Harrison, I’m sure the franchise would soar on and on. Or? – Think of this, River Phoenix was Indiana as a kid so let’s just hire Joaquin Phoenix and call it a day. He’s rugged he’s brilliant he’s age appropriate and he could honor his brother. Damn, either way I’m a genius for just thinking it.

  19. Bryan says:

    I would like to see Nathan Fillion in the role. I don’t think he’s too old, and we already know he can do the wisecracking tough guy from his Firefly days. I can see Cap’n Mal put on the fedora and brandish the whip. It would be amazing!

  20. Greg says:

    I feel like we should wait for JJ Abrams to announce his plans for the reboot.

    It’s safe to assume he’ll be rebooting this franchise as well, right?

  21. RG says:

    Anybody see Garrett Hedlund in Inside Llewyn Davis? Guy’s actually got range way beyond that Tron mess. They could do a late 1920’s young Indy thing with him.

  22. FunkDem says:

    I’m a little surprised at myself right now, but I actually like the Jensen Ackles idea. But while we’re in Supernatural territory, I submit to you another option: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He’s easily one of the most overlooked and underappreciated actors of his generation (seriously, who gets typecast as “the dad who dies” on tv shows?) and he certainly fits the profile. Plus, Harrison Ford was also 39 already when Raiders came out; Morgan is 47. You don’t necessarily need a “young” actor to rejuvenate a franchise.

    As for the Masi Oka suggestion, I’m going to assume you were joking. I find him as cute and cuddly and generally likable as the next guy, and he’s great as a geeky sidekick in pretty much any scenario. But not only would he be hard-pressed to seriously act his way out of a revolving door; as a grizzled adventure-type hero, which is really the hallmark of the Indiana Jones franchise, he’d be just about as believable as Michael Cera.

  23. Craigers says:

    Cooper would be a solid fit. I think he could pull off the grit that the character deserves while still keeping the edge that Dr. Jones has. I would def think this is not a Big Mistake Indy and would happily see this if it is NOT a reboot. This Trilogy can easily site in the same universe as the original trilogy without missing a beat. Yes I said 3 I don’t count any movies in any franchise that have Shia in it. (transformers included, I want my 80’s transformers style back)

    Indy has had adventures all over the world. Toss in the new actor and lets have fun with this character again. Make the Emperors tomb video game into a movie for instance. there are a ton of possible stories that don’t have Aliens in it. I will miss having Harrison Ford as Indy but we have to move on with one of the best characters in American Culture.

  24. elucidarian says:

    @Jason, Hamm could be cool, indeed!
    @Jeff, Fillion too old? What? He’s only two years older than Ford was during the first film. I think he’s up to the job.

  25. Jeff says:

    A shame Nathan Fillion is a bit too old to take it on — I agree that if they’re going to do this, they should skew young.

    (And the obligatory “If you hate this idea, don’t go see it” to the complainers.)

  26. Jason says:

    I think Bradly Cooper would be more than adequate, but the person if really like to see is Jon Hamm.

  27. elucidarian says:

    I’d rather see Jeremy Renner in the role, and find out whether he has Ford’s subtle comedy chops. I think he could do it.

  28. Andrew says:

    I am the only person I’ve ever heard propose this, but I whole-heartedly believe that they should do one more movie with Harrison Ford as Indy wherein co-star MASI OKA (playing an adult Short-Round) takes over the franchise, basically dressing just like his archeologist idol, but incorporating his signature worn-out Yankees cap in place of the classic Fedora.

    In six to ten years after that (another two movies with Oka), we get to see Ford star with Oka again a la Last Crusade, wherein Oka closes up the loop of original subject theme by helping Indy find the Spear of Destiny to put a stop to a supernaturally-powerful neo-nazi uprising.

    Anyone? Anyone but me? : )

  29. I’m actually very okay with this.

    I do NOT want to see an old Indy, a recast is inevitable.
    We want to live THROUGH Indy, so we need a ‘cool’ actor.

    Bradly Cooper fits the bill. I “wanted to be” his character from Limitless.

    Getting a “name actor” is just fine. Remember… Empire was out when Ford first took on the role, he was a star already.

  30. Josh says:

    Could be worse. You know it could.

  31. Shanks says:

    I am going to second the idea of Jensen Ackles. He is perfect for the role.

  32. Seaira says:

    I’m just gonna leave this here: Jensen Ackles.

  33. groundedGeek says:

    As others have pointed out… this statement:

    // If Kingdom of the Crystal Skull taught us anything, it’s that we don’t wanna see a geriatric Dr. Jones swinging on vines and jumping off trucks in his sixties.//

    Completely misses the mark. I absolutely wanted to see a geriatric Dr. Jones, because let’s face it… Harrison Ford was not the problem with that film. Terrible writing was. When Indy steps over, dons the hat and the camera rises to greet his grizzled old face, I was loving it! The issue I had was with the macguffin, the writing, and many of the ancillary characters. As much as I loved Karen Allen in the original, she was awful in this… Shia Lebouf added little as well.

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a poor FILM… but Harrison Ford was not a poor INDY in it.

  34. Vin says:

    I guess I’ll be the asshole. Of course the studios would reboot Indiana Jones. “Hey, let’s trample on yet another classic film by refreshing it for the mouth breathers.” (and yes, I know the last two films were less than stellar, which kinda reinforces my point). I just can’t.

  35. Darth Chimay says:

    That actually makes a fuck-ton of sense. Yeah, I love Harrison Ford. And yeah, I love Indiana Jones. And yeah, it sounds so weird to recast him but… maybe I’ve been living with Doctor Who so long (30+ years and counting!) that it really isn’t that big of a deal. Unless they actually try to have an in-universe reason that he looks different or something. That’d be dumb.

  36. Tony says:

    If they do, in fact, find the perfect younger Indy, they could use him for the Han Solo stand alone, as well.

  37. GuanoLad says:

    I’m happy with recasting, but not with a name actor. Not Chris Pine, not Bradley Cooper, someone reasonably anonymous and who could conceivably be a young Harrison Ford.

    There was a time, in the 90s, where Dennis Quaid could’ve done it, but he’s too old now too. And still too big of a name.

    I’ve looked around for someone the right age and who I think has a passing likeness, and the best I’ve found so far is someone I haven’t seen in action, as I don’t even watch the show, but on “The Vampire Diaries” is an actor named Matt Davis who I think could pull it off.

  38. FunkDem says:

    Probably preaching to the choir here, but Instead of rebooting Indiana Jones, TPTB should finally get on with bringing the Uncharted franchise to the big screen. It’s already Indiana Jones for a younger generation (not that I don’t love Indy 1-3 or think the couldn’t/shouldn’t be enjoyed by people of all ages), and, as opposed to a reboot of any kind, would give the more than just recently rightfully maligned adventure genre (e.g. Indy 4, National Treasure, Tomb Raider) a much needed fresh coat of paint.

    I’m not even going to go all geek activist here and point out that Nathan Fillion pretty much is Nathan Drake (seriously, though, Nathan Fillion pretty much *is* Nathan Drake) and that that window is quickly closing, as well. Go ahead and put Bradley Cooper in that franchise, if you need a bigger name. In fact, I could actually see that working. Just get a great writer (I hear Amy Hennig’s free), a decent director who is at least seven degrees removed from Michael Bay, and just make the damn movie.

  39. DJMadKidJedi says:

    Though I’m not “anti-Bradley Cooper”, I think a better fit is an even younger actor gent, who’s already comfortable reprising classic roles. I’m talking about the latest to command a starship “Enterprise” as Captain James Tiberius Kirk… Chris Pine. I was watching him do press interviews for the “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” film (another character-franchise takeover by Mr. Pine), in which he had a nice growth of facial scrub, and I thought, “hey… he’d make a good Indy… if he tweezed those eyebrows a bit…!”

  40. the plastic skull says:

    I, like many people, actually wanted to see a geriatric Dr. Jones swinging on vines and jumping off trucks in his sixties.

    It’s not the character that was the problem – it’s the writing.

    Indiana Jones much like The Goonies remains one of the yet untouched/rebootet childhood memories I’m able to look back at with excitement(crystal skull is like erased from my memories). And though it’s obvious that a reboot will surface one day, Bradley Cooper wouldn’t simply have the distinct character Harrison Ford put into the role.

    He’s charismatic yeah and he has that certain savegeness in his appearance but Harrison Ford had big chunk of old fashioned “slightly annoyed” manliness that Cooper lacks. He’s more like the relaxed big brother kind of guy while Ford was more the cool uncle type you had immediately respect for.

    That and the direction the movies would take to appeal to today’s audience and be a major success makes me want to hang on to that old vine some more.

    That said, Cooper is still one hell of an Actor and maybe he’d do the franchise much more honor then I’d like to admit. Besides that: he’s definitely the one I’d cast IF it will come down to a reboot.

    Just don’t make him wear a nanosuit.