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Back in 2007, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Civil War crossover event split Marvel’s superhero community in two. After a particularly brutal incident in the midst of a superhero battle left hundreds of civilians dead, the heroes of the Marvel Universe found themselves waging both an ideological and an actual war. In Civil War, the central question posed to Marvel’s superheroes was this: “Whose side are you on?” That question will also be asked next year in Captain America: Civil War as Steve Rogers and Tony Stark go head-to-head over the future of the Avengers.

Captain America: Civil War boasts a cast that could easily fill an Avengers movie. But the question of which heroes will side with Captain America and who will side with Iron Man may have been revealed, according to a new rumor.

Warning: possible spoilers lie ahead for Captain America: Civil War.

Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Are we alone now? Good!

The following heroes are rumored to be siding with Captain America:

• Hawkeye
• Falcon
• Scarlet Witch
• Winter Soldier
• Ant-Man

On the other side, Iron Man’s team reportedly consists of these heroes:

• The Vision
• Spider-Man
• Black Widow
• War Machine

The biggest surprise may be Vision’s alignment with Iron Man. If he’s worthy enough to pick up Thor’s hammer then Vision should probably see the coming conflict as a huge mistake. Black Widow and War Machine both have ties to Stark, while Spider-Man’s alter-ego, Peter Parker, is said to idolize Stark in the MCU. One intriguing part of the rumor is that someone on Iron Man’s side is said to be a spy for Captain America. Let the speculation begin!

On Cap’s side, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch appear to have a closer connection to Steve Rogers than to Tony Stark. Ant-Man makes sense because of his prior meeting with Falcon. And if the Winter Soldier sides with anyone, of course it’s gonna be Cap!

As for Black Panther, well, the scuttlebutt is that he is going to remain neutral in this conflict, which is fitting with the general M.O. of Wakanda. However, chances are that some sort of terrible event will drag both him and his people into this mess, kicking, clawing, and screaming.

Keep in mind, this is all rumor and speculation until someone at Marvel confirms it. However, these picks would provide some intriguing match-ups in the inevitable superhero battles to follow. We could see Hawkeye vs. Black Widow, Vision vs. Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man, and Falcon vs. War Machine. But the one battle that we’ll definitely see is Captain America vs. Iron Man.

We’ll know for sure which side everyone is on when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

Comic fans, would you be satisfied with Team Captain America and Team Iron Man as laid out in this rumor? Pick a side in the comment section below!

HT: Heroic Hollywood

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