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Ron Howard’s MARS Gets a Danger-Laden Full Trailer

Going to Mars won’t be all fun and games full of poop potatoes and disco music; the trip will be fraught with danger and sacrifice, which is just what the newest trailer for Mars, the new docudrama mini-series from Ron Howard and Brian Grazer coming to National Geographic later this year, wants you to remember.

The scripted series, which tells the story of the first manned-mission to the red planet in the year 2033, is full of real scientists like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson as talking heads, but will look to explore the toll paid by the brave voyagers that make up the Daedalus crew. The ones who will try to turn humanity into a “multi-planetary species.”

National Geographic has created a very cool website for the series that comes with a “real” press release from the International Mars Science Foundation about the launching and expected landing by the “historic mission, a massive undertaking decades in the making.” It also gives us a better understanding of just what story the mini-series will tell.

“Once the first human settlement is established, the crew must sustain itself until future landings in 2035 and 2037 expand the settlement with deliveries of both cargo and additional human occupants. The carefully selected international crew of six are uniquely suited to take on this monumental step for humans, and are supported by the best team on the ground.”

Earlier this month a teaser was released for the “global event series” that focused on the concept of home, and what it means to leave it.

Any people working on a Mars mission in the future would be very familiar with The Martian, so we don’t imagine they’ll run out of food, but we’re sure there will be plenty of other problems to deal with.

The mini-series premieres this November.

What are you most looking forward to with this show? Journey into our comments to let us know.

Image: National Geographic

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