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Ron Burgundy ANCHORMAN Pop-Up Bar Coming to LA

Ron Burgundy ANCHORMAN Pop-Up Bar Coming to LA

Knights of Columbus! Get out your bottle of Sex Panther and get ready to hit the town in your best turtleneck, because this is kind of a big deal: an Anchorman-themed bar is popping up in Los Angeles next week.

We’re not going to act like we’re not impressed by this news, which we first came across at LA Eater (though it really should have been announced from the top of a mountain with flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs), of the Will Ferrell-themed New York City bar Stay Classy trying their hand at a West Coast test run.
Starting next week on Monday, December 5, Stay Classy will open up an Anchorman shop through the 15th, inside the TCL Chinese 6 Theater right in the heart of Hollywood (formerly Mann’s theater, and formerly formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre). If you’re in the neighborhood and want to check it out, you’ll need to text the word “classy” to 929-291-0337 and then wait for instructions on what to do next. Hopefully someone calls you back with the courage to say something! And also that the bar is a big enough hit that they eventually open a permanent location on the left coast.

So what might you be able to expect from this classy establishment? If their New York menu is any indication visitors will be able to:

  • enjoy a “Great Odin’s Raven” (light rum, ginger beer, lemon)
  • chug a “Milk Was a Bad Choice” (Vanilla Stoli, vanilla schnapps, milk, ice)
  • order a “Smelly Pirate Hooker” (Jalapeno Margarita, Stoli Jalapeno, orange juice, sour mix, muddled jalapeno, lime juice)
  • dive into “A Whale’s Vagina” (vodka, triple sec, orange juice,sloe gin)
  • try a “Whore Island” (vodka, Watermelon Pucker, sour mix)
  • take in a “Big Foot’s Dick” (whiskey, orange bitters, lime, sour mix, lemon fizz)

(We imagine any straight shot of liquor is just known as a “Baby Maker.”)
It’s unclear at this time, but we hope that all of the tables will be made of rich mahogany and that all of the menus will be leather bound. We won’t be mad if they aren’t though, because even without them an Anchorman bar is still something we’d yog to if that’s what it took to get there.

While Will Ferrell himself has no formal connection with Stay Classy, some of the proceeds from this temporary pop-up bar will be donated to his personal charity, Cancer for College, which gives scholarships to cancer survivors. Now that really is a big deal.

And we know what you’ve been thinking this whole time: “Why would you open an Anchorman bar in Southern California, but do it in L.A. and not San Diego? That doesn’t make any sense.” Well you know what they say, “When in Rome…”

That still doesn’t make any sense? Well agree to disagree, but let’s do it over a couple of “Whale’s Vaginas.”

What would be your best suggestion for this Anchorman-themed bar? Sixty percent of the time, we want to hear from you all of the time, so pop into our comments below and give us your best Ron Burgundy cocktail.

Images: DreamWorks Pictures/Stay Classy Bar

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