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Rocksteady Reveals New Original Character And More Details From BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

Rocksteady’s back. Kevin Conroy’s back. Gotham City is back and five times larger than it was in Batman: Arkham City. The next-gen consoles have unlocked a vast amount of possibilities, allowing Rocksteady to deliver the most engaging and in-depth Batman experience in a video game ever.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the Batmobile:


Have you peed your pants yet? No? Well here’s another in-game screen to set your crotch ablaze. BAM!:


Not even a timely and tactfully thrown smoke bomb could hide the fact that this game is destined for greatness. We learned about Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady’s last hurrah in the Arkham series, earlier this month, when a Game Informer feature confirmed its release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Today, Rocksteady is pulling the curtain back on their new, series-original character, the Arkham Knight.


Watch out, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a total badass over here. Right now, you’re probably wondering who’s behind the mask and other little details, like whether or not this guy is an anti-hero of some sort or a villain that will be gunning to take down our Caped Crusader. I’m willing to assume the latter of those two, considering that he had a gun to Batman’s face at the conclusion of my GDC demonstration of the game last week.

BAK_Sshot056Batman: Arkham Knight takes place 12 months after the events of Arkham City. Joker is presumed dead and the Scarecrow has taken control by gathering the villains of Gotham City for one last assault on the Dark Knight. The Penguin, Two-Face, and The Riddler were all viewable in the demo, so I can confirm that the models seen in the leaked image below are identical to the character models I viewed.

BAK_Sshot058Besides reaching a level beyond anything the last-gen could muster graphically, Arkham Knight adds a ton of new gameplay elements into the mix this time around. The combat system has been refined with features like full grapple reversals and the ability to use gadgets while gliding in the air. Rocksteady also included the ability to perform Fear Takedowns, which allows for players to chain together stealth chain takedowns on multiple enemies within a room at an instant.


The Batmobile is a friggin’ tank, showcasing Arkham Knight‘s beautifully rendered destructible environments as it plows through Gotham’s structures and light fixtures. Not that you’ll need to go bulldozing through everything — there is plenty of ground to be covered, thanks to the massive play area, which Rocksteady has deemed “Gotham City built in its entirety”. This allows for Batman to do cool things like be ejected into the sky from the Batmobile and glide through the air like old times, before signaling the Batmobile to meet him at his landing destination.


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg in Arkham Knight news and the game is looking exceptionally glorious. Are you fired up about Batman: Arkham Knight? Let us know what you think about today’s reveals in the comments.

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  1. Arianni says:


  2. Arianni says:

    Omg this is cool

  3. Jonathan Henry says:

    That’s is not right for Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 because I have PS3 I hope that RockSteady will do it both PS3 and PS4 as well

  4. The Guy says:

    It’s Azrael. Read Knightfall

  5. Guiseppe Jan Jaguar says:

    If the map is goin’ to be larger than it used to be in “Batman: Arkham City” and not “Batman: Arkham Origins” that’s because Batman Arkham Origins is a prequel series before “Batman: Arkham Asylum”.

    Batman Arkham City has changed its environments & surroundings as well..

    So “Batman: Arkham Knight” is a sequal from “Batman: Arkham City” NOT “Batman: Arkham Origins”.

  6. strudel says:

    “Gotham City is back and five times larger than IT was in Batman: Arkham City”

    Don’t you mean Arkham Origins?

  7. KojakFeltzG says:

    It’s probably Deathstroke since the last game ended with him getting hired by somebody

  8. David says:

    Think that the Arkham Knight is new, thinking a descendant of Armadeus Arkham (could be, but unlikely, Armadeus himself), as he had a fear of bats in one of the Batman comic story lines. This may be a descendant of the Arkham family (explaining the “Arkham A” symbol) and is trying to do right by his father (or grandfather etc.)

  9. Vincent Rios says:

    bet everyone a dollar it is either jason todd or damiyan wayne or for show the clown prince of crime JOKER

  10. It’s OBVIOUSLY Uncle Ben.

  11. Shoeio says:

    Thanks for telling me that dude