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Rockapella Reunites to Sing ‘Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego’

OK, so maybe “reunites” isn’t the right word considering Rockapella is in fact still touring, but it’s a complete punch to the ol nostalgic part of our hearts to watch them in this once in a lifetime performance of the song that put them “on the map.” Rockapella made their mark on the early ’90s children’s game show Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? singing the eponymous theme song. From the video above to this one below it’s amazing to think it’s been about 25 years since the song worked its way into our ears.

OK, so maybe “once in a lifetime performance” isn’t the right word either as a YouTube search returns more than a few renditions of the theme song. So the “reunion” on Mashable seems to be more of a case in which they “hired Rockapella for a day.”

That all aside, the show and the song is sincerely part of the nerd lexicon and we’re sure glad they’re still doing what they do. What may warm our hearts more than anything is going back and reading the incredibly pun-heavy lyrics that somehow never entirely sank in or could be appreciated as children.

Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina,
She’s a sticky-fingered filcher from Berlin down to Belize,
She’ll take you for a ride on a slow boat to China,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Well done Rockapella, Well done.

What’d you think of Rockapella growing up? What theme song was better? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Entertainment Weekly
Image: PBS

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