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Rock to Some Tunes on This METAL GEAR SOLID V Branded Sony Walkman

We’re less than two weeks away from the glorious launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which also happens to be the end of Hideo Kojima’s legacy at Konami. It’s a sad time, but we must forget it all in order to engross ourselves in this game. Sony got the memo, and is releasing an epic MGSV branded Walkman, just like they did for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker back in 2010. Along with this slick music player, Sony also plans on releasing MGSV branded smart phones and two tablets according to Siliconera. Unfortunately, it seems like it will only be available in Japan.

The 128 GB limited edition Walkman ZX series will set you back a cool $1,128. Ouch! It’s a pretty penny for sure, but there’s no doubt it’d be a fly way to jam along with the game. The Walkman also features the Outer Haven logo on the back, comes with a leather case, includes 10 tunes from the game, four wallpapers, and to top it all off, it also includes the infamous “!” sound.


The two tablets being offered will include two songs, a pre-installed wallpaper, a digital version of the art book for the game, and a coupon towards the Metal Gear Solid novel.

It’d all look sweet next to the limited edition The Phantom Pain PS4, it’ll just come at a hefty price.


While the launch of the game will be surrounded by much excitement, it will also be bittersweet knowing that this will be the final time the legendary Kojima has his prints all over the experience. Despite all of this, the hype is still real. This dark cloud has loomed over this game for far too long, and it’s now time to look forward to completely devouring this experience. We are headed towards the last Kojima-made Metal Gear Solid, and we must do our best to ignore all of the white noise surrounding it.

Will you be nabbing one of these beauties? Will you be purchasing any other MGS gear? Let us know in the comments below.

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IMAGE: Konami


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