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ROBOT CHICKEN’s Season 9 Trailer References MAD MAX, STAR WARS, JAWS, and More

For the last few years, Robot Chicken has concluded its seasons by perpetuating a running gag that the show has been canceled. Though we probably shouldn’t, it’s tough not to buy into the joke on occasion. So with every new season, we get far too excited to see the show return. This year is no exception, and the epic Comic-Con trailer for season nine really ups the ante on that enthusiasm.

The Adult Swim show’s ninth season, which is currently in production, promises cameos from all manner of TV shows, movies, and even online cartoons like Homestar Runner. It opens with a Mad Max: Fury Road scene complete with an Immortan Joe analog. From there it’s a rapid fire onslaught of references to Westworld, Black Mirror, Jaws, Doc McStuffins, Scooby-Doo, Pokémonand–as expected–Star Wars

While we’re still a few months out from the new season, we can’t help but reflect on two of our favorite parts of this trailer and will be waiting patiently next to our televisions until we see them in full. We are, of course, talking about Quint being eaten by a Hanna-Barbera shark in what has to be called “JabberJAWS.”


Our other favorite part: the very sad loss of the Homestarmy war hero and very best popcorn machine, Third-Style Private Frank Bennedetto.


You and your delicious popcorn will be missed.

No premiere date for Robot Chicken season nine has been announced as of yet. But wager a guess (we think fall of 2017) in the comments below!

Images: Adult Swim

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