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Robopocalypse Now: Check Out These New “Pacific Rim” Posters


As the summer tentpole season kicks off in force with the releases of big budget sci-fi flicks like Oblivion, After Earth and, the seriously excellent Iron Man 3 (I’ve seen it – it’s good), we find ourselves hard pressed to get anywhere close to the level of excitement we have for Guillermo del Toro’s robot vs. kaiju epic, Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Actually, math isn’t my strong suit (hence the writing), so let’s just cater to you visual learners out there with a brand new Pacific Rim poster and some propaganda posters that are hot off the giant robotic presses.


See? That Jaeger is so freakin’ massive that it can’t even fit on the poster! Just in case you need additional brainwashing to get you on board with this film, they rolled out some propaganda posters on their Facebook page that should do the trick.

Click to expand the images below.

Pacific Rim crash lands into theaters on July 12th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Xeroz says:

    As long as ‘if it is an homage’, he’ll admit it when/if he’s ever asked about it.
    It’d be cool to have the rest of America to ‘wake up’ to the awesome and thought provoking stories that even stuff like ‘mecha anime’ has to offer.

    So, if Nerdist gets him to do another podcast “PLEASE” ask him something along those lines.
    And hopefully ‘this time’ the recording won’t get messed up. 😛

  2. Nicholas of Carim says:

    There’s a reason why this looks similar to other things. Because Guillermo is a fan of stuff and likes making cool things. The rocket punch is a classic. Some people may think some of the stuff in this movie is lifted or unoriginal, but I think it’s more of a homage.

  3. Xeroz says:

    Just to be sure you didn’t miss this earlier post,

    It still seem like the rocket punch shown in the trailer is “vaguely similar” to “Big O’s” piston punch shown here:

  4. NickP says:

    You guys got me all excited for the Robopocalypse movie, which I’m super excited for….I’m excited for Mega Monsters vs Giant Robots too, but I’m also a little disappointed that this had no information about the Robopocalypse movie 🙁

  5. Xeroz says:

    I personally would have preferred to see something like “Big O” made into a Live-action movie.
    Or maybe even a Gundam movie…

    But, I’ll refrain from being critical of this movie in any way until I see it.
    I really am an optimist at heart.
    No, really I am!