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Robert Downey Jr. Invites Boy with CF to CIVIL WAR Premiere in a Tiger Costume

Tony Stark may have his arc reactor in place of his heart, but Robert Downey Jr. has a bivalve made of pure gold. For years, the Iron Man actor has made a mission of giving back to his young fans where he can, and helping dreams come true for those less fortunate than him. Now, the latest chapter in the story of “Good Guy Robert” involves a young fan named Daniel who suffers from cystic fibrosis, and the inspiration he draws from Downey’s character, Iron Man.

Daniel’s CF requires him to have a tube in his chest for draining fluid from his lung, and Daniel refers to it as a “special port in his chest” akin to Tony’s arc reactor. After a recent incident in which a child at school told Daniel that all kids with CF die, Daniel’s mother Vicky reached out to RDJ through Instagram.

#cysticfibrosis #myironman #bulliescanthurtme @robertdowneyjr This is my son Daniel and he has cystic fibrosis, he is seven years old and wants nothing more to meet his idol Robert Downey Jr (aka iron man) as he has managed to get past the bullies he faces from day to day by telling them the he too has a extra special port in his chest much like iron man has his arc reactor, I am sharing this in hope that mr stark (as Daniel calls him out of the suit) could find a way to contact me on here as Daniel could really do with a little lift at the moment after a child at school has told him that all children with cf die. If this reaches him and Daniel could get a reply I hope that it could help him through his stay in hospital as it is starting to take its toll on him.

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Well, Mr. Stark certainly did reach out to Vicky through Instagram—and had more than mere words of encouragement for the young boy.

Downey—dressed in a tiger costume which may or may not be Tigger from Winnie The Pooh—certainly made up for the bullies extending Daniel the offer to be his guest to the premiere of Captain America: Civil War in Los Angeles. Something tells me Daniel said yes.

So, while Tony Stark is shaping up to be a major antagonist in the upcoming Captain America film, it is safe to say that Robert Downey Jr. is every bit the superhero we all know him to be. Marvel sure does know how to pick ’em.

Would you say Robert Downey Jr. is a great Avenger, or the greatest Avenger? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Marvel Studios



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