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Rob Lowe, Sitcom Legends, Felicia Day: The Week In Podcasts

It was another busy week on the Nerdist Podcast Network. What did we have for you? Oh, just these:

*Rob Lowe on the Nerdist Podcast: It’s old home week again, as Rob and Chris reminisced about the first time they met. Awww. Also, they talk about marriage, the Brat Pack, Wayne’s World, sobriety, and Rob’s new show The Grinder on Fox, starting next Tuesday.

*Norman Lear, Phil Rosenthal, and Steve Levitan on Nerdist Writers Panel: Hard to imagine a panel about the family sitcom with a more legendary pedigree. Norman Lear, king of the socially relevant sitcom, with the creators of Everybody Loves Raymond and Modern Family. That’s all you should need to know. Go listen.

*Felicia Day returning to the Nerdist Podcast: She brought you The Guild, Geek and Sundry, and the new book “You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost),” and she came back to the podcast to talk about it all with Chris. And HGTV, because they’re both into it. Especially tiny houses. And they talked about Skyrim and other games, and vacations.

*Thomas Middleditch and Jared Logan on The Indoor Kids: Jared “likes to watch.” Thomas likes to play. They joined Kumail and Emily at this one, taped at LA Podfest before a live audience.

*Morena Baccarin on the Nerdist Podcast: Now on Gotham, formerly of Firefly and Homeland, the actress talked about press junkets, Juilliard, the Emmys, and parenting. (The latter is especially apt considering the news that broke literally right after she taped this show….)

*Andy Daly back for another visit to the Nerdist Podcast (Friday release; if it’s not up by the time this posts, it will be soon): Season two of Review is here, and Andy came back to talk about making the new episodes, the Rocky movies, The Intern, Charlie Rose, high school, Star Wars, and creating characters.

*Brian Regan on You Made It Weird: On the heels of his Nerdist Podcast appearance last week, Brian submitted to the Pete Holmes treatment this week, and there was a great extended conversation about audiences and comedy and dealing with hecklers and distraction. And, yes, the dichotomy between Brian’s “clean” comedy and real life gets addressed in an analysis of comic personas. And Brian explains how he and his brother spent an entire round of golf having to talk about house painting. There are many stories, including one about the late, great Shirley Hemphill.

*Joy Osmanski on The JV Club: The actress (recurring on Grey’s Anatomy and Devious Maids) talked about the heightened feelings of your teenage years, watching television too close to the screen, Invisalign, ethnicity, being adopted, the Pacific Northwest, and much more.

*Kevin and Steve counting down things they haven’t yet done in their movies on Chewin’ It: Their upcoming movies will be interesting if they get to any of these, that’s for sure. There’s plenty of detail, too. And blood. Self-care for a bullet wound is especially vivid. Plus, Heffernan’s in Beast Mode, replete with Skittles. (Hope he got off to a better start in fantasy football than the Seahawks did in real football.)

*Dave and Anna returning to set up a new season of Terrified: There were kidney stones. And there will be new episodes.

*Trainer Tunde Oyedokun on Pro You reconnecting with old friend Tom and talking about his journey.

*Rhys Nicholson and Xavier Moustache back for Part 2 of Sex Nerd Sandra live from Sydney.

*Andy Haynes and Luc Curling on Today We Learned: Luc’s been traveling, so it’s a collection of facts from AROUND THE WORLD! And stuff.

*Jackie Kashian on Dining With Doug and Karen: Chefs Elyse Lain and Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen cooked up some grub for the gang at LA Podfest.

*Eddie Pepitone on The Todd Glass Show: The Bitter Buddha dropped by for a live TGS at LA Podfest.

So, go listen to it all. It’s at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. You will not regret a moment of it.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Fox

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