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Rob Huebel Scared Some Malibu Nudists and Cops with a Fake Dead Body

Never leave a fake dead body unattended—you simply never know who may happen upon it, rendering the rest of their day inescapable from the trauma of seeing a former life simply tossed aside. Or, if you’re Rob Huebel, you could end up in the middle of a cop-on-cop prank surrounded by nudists.

As ya do!

Discussing the incident during the latest episode of Sidekick with Matt Mira, Huebel told guest host Rhea Butcher (and, of course, sidekick Matt Mira), all about the kerfuffle he created while filming Do You Want to See a Dead Body?, his new show for YouTube Red. The show—which centers around Rob taking his celebrity friends on madcap adventures to see fake dead bodies—has a focus so particular and odd that it’s bound to cause a bit of a stir wherever it’s shooting (mostly because of, y’know, the aforementioned corpses). And while shooting with Justin Long on a nude beach, the crew kinda-sorta forgot about the fairly horrifically lifelike fake dead body they’d tossed over by a couple of rocks. So, naturally, a bunch of cops showed up and started taking pictures.

Only, it didn’t go how you probably expect it might’ve!

Though Huebel and the crew were horrified and worried the cops (who were taking photos and measuring the fauxdaver) thought it was a real person, it turns out quite the opposite was true. The cops, not accustomed to picking up dead bodies at the nude beach on the regs?, were merely photographing it to mess with one of their fellow blue brethren. Because you know what’s funnier than a fake dead body? Pranking your fellow cops with a fake dead body.

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