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Take an Actual French Dip with Roast Beef-Scented Bath Salts

Know what I really love? A great French Dip. Know what else is great? Settling into a hot bath after a long, exhausting day. And while I’ve never actually done it, I bet relaxing in a hot tub while eating a delicious sandwich would be pretty damn amazing. However—and I really, really can’t stress this enough—that does not mean I have ever wanted to sit in meat-scented water. Yet for some reason I find myself being strangely tempted to try this very real, culinary-inspired Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Soak.

“Au jus kidding me?” No, we are not.

This 23-ounce bag of “rich, premium bath salts” from Gears Out (that we learned about at Geekologie) has a brown sugar and fig fragrance that they say will let you “slip into a delicious new way to enjoy a French Dip,” and that is technically true.

Obviously this is a very strange product, and it’s hard to imagine anyone wants to feel or smell like they are being prepped to be served for lunch, which is why the company advertises it as a great gag gift. Though that didn’t prevent them from putting up a big, and definitely necessary “DO NOT EAT” warning on their Amazon page, where you can order a bag for $17.95.

So if this is so weird, why do I find it ever so appetizing? I don’t exactly know. I love hot tubs, and I love roast beef. Maybe I love them so much I am willing to take an actual French dip.

Would you be willing to try this, or is it too strange? What kind of sandwich would you most want to smell like? Take a bite out of our comments below with your Grade-A choice.

Images: Gears Out/Amazon

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