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Ride into the Danger Zone with This TOP GUN/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Mash-Up

Somebody call Kenny Loggins: we’ve got two renegade types on our hands, and neither Starbuck nor Maverick are afraid to ride their lives straight into the veritable unknown. If you’re thinking “why is Nerdist confusing Top Gun with Battlestar Galactica?” don’t, because we’re not mistaken. This video IS exactly that: a mash-up of the two, bonded together in parallel story imagery to bring us all Top Gun Galactica.

The latest bit of VFX fun from Nick Acosta (he of those widescreen and cinerama versions of Star Trek fame), who decided to recut the musical and emotional tone of one of his favorite movies with the characters and plots of his self-proclaimed favorite television series — and then flip that ish around. Leaving us with is a good amount of explosions and a heck of a lot of Starbuck at her cockiest, most Maverick-iest best — and vice versa.

And guess what? It totally works!

“For part one of this film I wanted to show the life of a fighter pilot aboard a carrier at war,” Acosta explained. “Much like a fireman, fighter pilots can be called at any moment and have to spring into action. Starbuck and Maverick are roughly the same character. They are both extraordinarily skilled fighter pilots, but both wild flying against the shadows of their past. Their parents were once in the military and every time Maverick and Starbuck get into the cockpit they are flying against ghosts. They are also super cocky and don’t mind throwing a punch or jumping in and out of bed with someone.”

Putting Bear McCreary’s score behind Maverick? Yup, we’re into it.

Are you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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